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Managing general agent (MGA)

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Insurance support services for managing general agents (MGAs)

SBL’s insurance support services for MGAs deliver underwriting profitability to their carrier partners while adhering to the original guidelines. Our services include helping companies with diversified coverage of professional liability and employee benefits and handling your official work with efficiency. We also guarantee accurate policy issuing and servicing across various carriers for specific lines of business. As required by underwriting staff and management, we also review, scrutinise and monitor firm-issued policies and accommodate a range of other clerical functions.

Our insurance team at SBL have experts who can assist you in optimising your insurance back-office operations and producing insurance policy documents. In addition, they collaborate with your in-house underwriters to guarantee that all policy issuance, insurance coverage, and customer information standards are accurate. Our team is well-versed in using new and diverse processing systems required to complete the issuing process and can follow written and verbal directions to finish the process. SBL is a dependable organisation that provides international clients with various insurance business solutions. MGAs, insurance agents, and brokers can save time and money while receiving professional and superior services by outsourcing claims management, policy issuance, renewals processing, maintenance and servicing, policy administration, loss run, insurance quotes, and other insurance needs to us.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Issuing policies
  • Servicing policies
  • Effective BU assistance
  • Consistent customer service
  • Timely update the documentation
  • Constant policy monitoring

Why choose SBL’s insurance support services for
managing general agents (MGA)?

When it comes to insurance business solutions, like insurance support services for MGAs, SBL has rich domain expertise which essentially helps us to efficiently serve the requests of clients all around the world. You will work with highly experienced insurance processing staff as you partner and  will also experience complete transparency in our processes. Our highly reliable and scalable services come at highly affordable pricing yet with a promise to ensure a superior level of data security. Our experts have designed a definitive process to follow the guidelines that come with the service guidelines.  We start with approval of insurance policies after checking it through for errors and then move forward to refining the structure while lowering policy processing expenses.

How to get started

SBL is a well-known insurance service provider that provides MGAs, insurance agents, and carriers with dependable and top-notch  insurance support solutions for property, life, and casualty insurance.

If you are looking to avail one of the best services for MGAs in the insurance industry, then SBL is your one-stop destination. Connect to us and talk to an expert to understand our offering in detail!

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