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The insurance industry is under constant, ever-evolving pressure to identify innovative solutions which deliver customer-centric experiences. Increasingly these solutions must add value and generate new business income streams to allow insurance companies to remain profitable. As the need for transformative solutions rises, most insurance players find it challenging to deliver operational excellence due to process redundancy, claims load, compliance requirements, legacy technology, shrinking premiums and escalating overhead expenses. SBL’s insurance support outsourcing services are designed to help meet these challenges and maximise the opportunities which follow.

By utilising SBL’s insurance support services, businesses can seamlessly adopt the latest digital tools, standardise their operational models, enhance their processes, and achieve overall time, efficiency and cost savings through the professional expertise of the outsourcing partner. Our services help insurance companies to more efficiently manage end-to-end insurance support workflows such as forms processing, insurance claims handling and underwriting. 

As soon as our insurance clients start to leverage the instantaneous scalability we offer, both up or down, they see significant benefits quickly. Examples include: rapid process enhancement; cost efficiencies; improved margins and profitability; enhanced customer experience for their own clients’ and stakeholders; and the opportunity to redirect their in-house resources to core revenue-generating activities in line with their strategy for growth.

We help key players such as insurance carriers and insurance agencies make a swift transition to a digital-first approach through our multilingual insurance support services. Our process-driven solutions are based on digital operating models and domain expertise to guarantee an exceptional success rate in handling all types of insurance projects. We deliver superior value to our clients by reducing indemnity spending, lowering service costs, improving risk mitigation, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Insurance support services

SBL’s insurance support outsourcing services

Our insurance support services combine an agile ecosystem with intelligent workflows to transform traditional insurance operations into future-ready models that can adapt seamlessly to evolving market dynamics, ever-changing regulatory environments, and more acute customer expectations. We adopt a digitally transformative approach, which means we are able to support a wide range of core insurance support processes simultaneously and at scale. These processes include: medical records retrieval, underwriting, illustration support, medical summarization, in-force policy services, policyholder services, and many more.

We diligently focus on enhancing an insurance company’s profitability and customer satisfaction while adhering to all the applicable compliances and regulatory requirements. Our experts in effect become an extension of your operation and contribute to your company’s overall insurance process. This includes the provision of intelligent, evidence-based reviews and data analytics, scalability of operations and functions, and real-time reports for faster and more accurate decision making. Our company has extensive exposure to the intricacies of working and collaborating with varied set of vendors, distributors, carriers, and other insurance players. We ensure maximum service transparency across several insurance domains such as: reinsurance, commercial, life, annuity, personal, and many more.

Why use SBL’s insurance support services?

With a holistic approach, we leverage the combined benefits of IT automation, expert insurance analysts and Six Sigma tools to offer scalable, efficient, and customizable solutions that help enhance the overall customer experiences of your company. Our quality-assured claim services desk ensures quick resolution and claim settlement while our agents also help you maximize your revenues through cross-selling and up-selling based on their exemplary service. We offer round-the-clock insurance customer service support to handle and resolve your customer complaints and queries proficiently. Apart from stringent adherence to SLAs, we also ensure maximum data security and confidentiality for our client’s data.

Our long-standing expertise allows us to deliver world-class customer processes that are tailored to your customer’s risk profile and cover operations such as life and pension claims, policy management, case assessment, new business servicing, actuarial computations, and claims management. We guarantee zero backlogs across all insurance operations along with increased brand loyalty and improved customer relations supporting your business for sustainable business growth.

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