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SBL’s insurance support services for carriers address your end-to-end business requirements such as liability policies, general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, employee insurance policies, property policies, cover for loss of income, product liability insurance and vehicle insurance through to setting up insurance claims, draw parallels for document imaging, and administer claim adjudication and account settlement. The team at SBL maintains complete transparency in carrying out day-to-day tasks for your internal team. Our services spread diversely across verticals which include policy administration, commercial and business acquisition claims, oriented–drafting for claims, administration business services and agency setup. 

Claims processing companies, third-party administrators (TPA), property insurance carriers, casualty insurance carriers, commercial insurance carriers, life insurers, annuity insurers, insurance administrators, health insurers, reinsurers, and title insurers are just a few of the services that we offer to our clients. While partnering with your team, insurance experts at SBL help you keep track of renewal reminders, understand your requirements for new renewal requests, and work with you to make the necessary adjustments to a policy. Our global client network for insurance carrier services observes maintaining and promoting customer loyalty, working on dwindling margins, preparing a vertical for product accommodation, and avoiding any case that shrinks growth. 

SBL also helps your internal team as annuity insurers, health insurers, title insurers and life insurers. We save your organisation time by producing insurance policies based on the information provided by your clients and reporting the results to the underwriters if there are any anomalies. After validating customer and policy facts, our insurance professionals use the inputs provided by the underwriters to develop the final policy document. To provide you with the best possible results, SBL’s underwriters assess insurers’ lifestyles, medical histories, and life expectancies to estimate when they might require retirement income after purchasing life annuity insurance.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Loss run processing for insurance carriers
  • Insurance billing and accounts receivable services
  • Policy issuance services
  • Life/annuity insurance claims management
  • Insurance claims management for property and casualty
  • ACORD forms processing services
  • New business setup services
  • Insurance renewals processing
  • Insurance claims management
  • Policy administration, maintenance, & servicing

Why choose SBL's insurance support services for

SBL encompasses a highly trained team of insurance specialists who offer you customised solutions. They use their rich in-hand experience to develop the best result for your team while executing in a short turnaround time. You can entrust SBL to maintain the confidentiality of the documents you provide and, to ensure this, we will have a confidentiality agreement with your company. We strictly comply with the most recent protection guidelines and standards, so you won’t ever need to worry about confronting consistency issues or failure to meet compliance requirements. With our precise and on-time services, you should expect to see an upward surge in your revenue. 

How to get started

As a leading company for outsourcing services for insurance carriers, SBL adheres to the dynamic and diverse structure of the insurance industry and understands the client’s needs to maintain high-quality, accurate and error-free management.. 

Are you looking for professionals to help you and your staff with services for insurance carriers at an affordable price? Then drop us a line and talk to our experts today.

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