Insurance Claims Processing Services


The healthcare payer environment is now faster-paced and more demanding than ever before. The business processes and operational practices that worked in the past are failing to keep up. Internal departments are hard-pressed to keep up with the rapidly changing IT and operational demands driven by compliance requirements, disparate technology and data, value-based reimbursement and consumerism.

SBL as prime providers of accurate clinical data entry services serve a wide range of clients such as hospitals, healthcare providers, clinics, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical insurance payers. We help insurance companies in dealing with Claim Receipt and Data Capture, Pre and Claim Adjudication, Re-pricing claims, Co-ordination of Benefits, Claims Re-work and Post-Payment Audit, Error Correction, Dispute Resolution, Grievances and Appeals.

With our defined data entry services we help insurance providers to flawlessly process the claims, validate, approve and issues payment to the assured person or any approved interesting party on the behalf of the person. These insurance claims commonly cover all aspects like death benefits on life insurance policies to routine and various medical check-ups.

our Insurance offerings include


We help insurance companies to process insurance claim forms conveniently. With support of accurate data, the claim forms can be used for medical services, solution for physical damages, accidents, death etc. The effect and number of files claimed decides the rate hikes of insurance.

We offer you reliable fast and accurate UB-04 uniform billing form filing services to make claims for any medical and mental health-related issues as an institutional provider. We can guide you with all the procedures and process for the UB-04 claim form.

The CMS 1500 insurance claims forms are the standard claim form that is used to bill insurance for issued services and supplies. It gives you proper information about the client, their diagnosis, treatment and suitable insurance policy.

With high-end data entry and conversion, we help in the use and recognition to the recent version of the Dental claim form by dentists and the payers.

We provide insurance companies support to process disability insurance service that is able to replace your huge part of salary when you unexpectedly become disabled or can’t work. You can enjoy the benefits as they are paid out by SBL in the form of paychecks from which you can get a predetermined amount each and every month.

A health insurance claim submitted to the company by the policyholder for obtaining the medical services covered in the health insurance. The health insurance policyholder can either obtain reimbursement or directly claim for cashless treatment for the available medical service.

The critical illness insurance claim form offers you a great deal of amount in the case of diagnosis of critical ailment as per mentioned in the policy document.

The accidental death and dismemberment insurance claim can be used if your loved one suffered injury or death by an accident through an accidental death claim. Various companies provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance for their employees.

We support insurance companies dealing with the full line of administrative services for ensuring flawless processing of Death insurance claims. From Claim Receipt and Data Capture to Dispute Resolution and Grievances and Appeals, our team provides accurate services for our delighted clienteles.





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