Image Processing Services


Our line of cost-effective image processing services allows organizations to analyze satellite images and use them to create maps and 3D models of terrains. With our state-of-the-art facilities, our image processing offerings are tailor-made to meet unique challenges and organizational requirements. Our image processing offerings extensively support GIS projects undertaken by organizations by helping them obtain reliable measurements of physical objects. Using software such as Ortho master and Orthovista, we remove lens distortion and relief displacement of aerial images, delivering outputs in the desired formats. We use a combination of UAV post processing and industry-standard photogrammetry software like INPHO and DATEM, to create various 3D stereo and digital elevation models that can be used for various commercial, environmental and governance requirements.  

The services include



Our team can customize the consulting services as per the guidelines of our clients. With domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, our integrated GIS consulting services are one of the most reliable in the country.  
Our integrated aerial and UAV image triangulation offerings give businesses high precision ground coordinates for production of maps. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we ensure the utmost accuracy of data, which is extremely critical for the success of a project. Our solutions are aimed to tackle unique challenges of the industry and deliver results in various industry formats.  
We have deployed the latest software to process complex UAV images with utmost accuracy. Coupled with high-end computing machines, our UAV image processing offerings help businesses get perfect aerial data for their projects. The final output is used for analysis and development of maps, drawings, and 3D models of terrains.  
Our aerial and satellite orthorectification offerings remove sensor and terrain-related distortions, thereby offering critical information about a terrain. Enterprises can measure correct angles, areas, and distances with utmost ease during 2D mapping and visualization. Using modern software and technology, we can deliver outputs in multiple formats as desired.  
Through our image enhancement offerings, companies can accurately conduct digital image analysis. Our experienced team of image analysts makes the required changes in the visual appearance of the imagery to enhance interpretation of an image. With the latest software, we are also capable of making the desired changes to bring an image to life.  
Our reliable geo-referencing solutions aggregate and link data sets collated from different sources to develop a common referencing system that determines spatial locations. Our specialized geo-referencing solutions aid organizations verify ground demarcations, finalize geo-referenced maps, and comply with the mandated requirements. It also helps them gauge their jurisdiction without the risk of boundary violations.  
We are capable of providing data sets for any region across the globe with utmost precision. Our end-to-end clutter data collation services enable organizations to make sense of the huge amount of geospatial data that they collect. For example our collation services aid firms to read and analyze impact of radio wave propagation on land cover of a particular surface. Through our offerings, engineers can determine optimum location of a telecom tower by integrating clutter data with DEM and other attributes.  



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