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Solutions & services for healthcare

In terms of service offerings, management and optimisation, healthcare is one of the most complex industries due to the wide range of areas covered. These include maintaining healthcare quality, switching from ICD 10 to 11, patient data security concerns, and much more. It is also one of the most critical domains as it is responsible for providing high-quality services perpetually. Moreover, the constant imperative to boost efficiency and operations, revamp infrastructure, and manage workforce deployment has become simultaneously more difficult and more urgent as a result of the COVID pandemic. At SBL, we believe healthcare outsourcing services play an important role in meeting these challenges.

Apart from having access to the latest healthcare diagnostic and treatment technologies, the industry needs to frequently upgrade the technology enabled operations and functions to serve the patients in a caring and frictionless manner. Therefore, outsourcing healthcare technology solutions to reliable technology organisations is prudent for medium to large healthcare companies. This in turn allows healthcare professionals to focus more on enhancing patient treatment and experience. It also enables them to manage multiple healthcare processes seamlessly by introducing and embracing joined-up functional solutions.

Global companies already rely on us to prepare them for upcoming challenges and standardise existing processes. We enable and upgrade electronic health records, patient portal and management, and e-prescription; patient scheduling and remote monitoring; video consultation, hospital management, billing; ERP and CRM software; medical research, infrastructure facilities, equipment modernisation; and all operational processes. 

SBL also has an enviable track record of successfully developing and implementing efficient, customised, secure healthcare solutions for its clients. We collaborate with healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, provider networks, to devise solutions that focus on affordability, interoperability, and regulatory norms. In addition to this, our advanced solutions pave the way for digitisation, cloud computing, big data, predictive analysis, and data security for top-notch custom healthcare solutions.

Services we offer to the healthcare industry

Key highlights

  • When you outsource healthcare industry services to SBL, you reduce your load of handling redundant tasks and administrative duties, ultimately enhancing the patient experience.
  • Our integrated teams that include experienced professionals of various healthcare domains ensure your project always has dedicated resources that break down the development of a seamless process.
  • We ensure your patient data is safe and maintain HIPAA compliance for all processes.

How to get started

SBL can assist healthcare and medical institutions overcome the streamlining of their medical processes and technical operations through our state-of-the-art software solutions at a reasonable cost.

Our healthcare tech solutions and services have been meticulously designed to assist you in increasing your overall efficiency. Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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