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Healthcare BPO for healthcare
Healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) services
Complicated, time-consuming administrative process workflows coupled with unprecedented volumes of medical data are together placing great strain on healthcare institutions. This can lead to conflicting priorities which, in turn, may impact overall service quality delivery and patient outcomes. Of course this is no-one’s fault – everyone within the healthcare system has their patients’ best interests at heart – it is simply a question of finite resources and how best to deploy them. At SBL, we believe our healthcare business process outsourcing services are part of the solution.  For example, functions like in-house payment processing, claims management, and medical data entry require a disproportionate amount of time, manpower and expenses. This is time which could otherwise be used for on-the-ground medical care. To ease this burden, healthcare business process outsourcing companies like SBL offer services to manage the non-core healthcare processes for these institutions, enabling them to achieve enhanced operational and cost efficiencies while streamlining their healthcare operations. SBL’s healthcare BPO services are custom designed for the healthcare industry: we help you replace inefficient legacy systems with modern digital analytics-based patient service-centric solutions. Our comprehensive services are HIPAA compliant and meet the precise operational needs of each specific organisation. They include medical billing, claims processing, medical indexing, revenue cycle management and medical coding. We ensure that electronic medical records are of the highest quality by adhering to best practices standards and mandatory process regulatory requirements relating to the healthcare sector.

Healthcare BPO services

SBL’s healthcare BPO services

SBL’s healthcare BPO services strive to help our clients deliver the best possible patient outcomes by undertaking all day-to-day administrative tasks on their behalf. This allows them to focus entirely on catering to their patients’ care and treatment needs. Our fine-tuned processes leverage the very latest tools and software for accuracy improvement, cost optimization and improved data accessibility. This is all part and parcel of digitally enabling our clients. We do not follow a one size fits all approach; instead we customize and tailor our healthcare solutions to the specific requirements of your healthcare setting, but always with particular emphasis on data security and confidentiality.

At SBL we are proud of how we compare to other healthcare outsourcing companies. Our teams follow a professional, collaborative, often innovative approach which is always in close consultation with our clients. . We include automated but customisable analytics tools which facilitate a more personalized delivery of care. This nuanced, data-driven model engenders accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment. With an extensive background in the healthcare industry, our agents offer a meticulous service that reduces inefficiencies and errors to maximize the ROI of the back-office operations within your institution.

Why use SBL’s healthcare business process outsourcing services?

SBL assists healthcare institutions with a range of affordable and HIPPA compliant services that guarantee a quick response when meeting the dynamic, fast-changing needs of healthcare settings. Leveraging the latest technological innovations, we support error-free operations and provide superior deliverables within minimum turnaround time. With an unmatched focus on superior delivery and customer experience, we help optimise all critical back-end activities and help healthcare providers experience and maximise the advantages of global best standards in their daily operations.

SBL’s healthcare BPO services help introduce streamlined processes and then support you with diligent medical records indexing and comprehensive data management and storage. We support healthcare providers round the clock to meet all their critical demands on schedule by providing real-time access to accurate clinical information. Our flexible service model efficiently meets the needs of both small clinics and multi-specialty hospitals, ensuring optimal patient outcome across all touch points.

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