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Harmonised system classification for infrastructure

Harmonised system
classification services

SBL recognizes the need for seamless identification and classification of goods being exported & imported around the globe and is a first choice for global businesses to outsource harmonised system classification services. We offer our clients a well-designed system that enables hassle-free trade for various types of goods and which has emerged as an industry-leader delivering outstanding solutions that ensure accurate classification of products during the trading of goods from one country to another. Outsourcing your system coding to SBL allows our clients to focus on their critical business functions, as we leverage the experience & expertise of operating with clients of various domains from different parts of the world and provide end-to-end customs brokerage services to international clients.

We have built a team of professional experts capable of handling any kind of request from the client. We integrate several agile technologies and relevant experience to ensure that we offer the most accurate identification at a minimal cost. When required, we implement manual coding or automated system classification according to clients’ operation suitability. In addition, we employ our domain expertise and infrastructure to deliver the results within a quick time. 

Why use SBL’s harmonised system classification?

With our exceptional custom brokerage expertise, we can manage and execute HS coding requests from different companies and governments. Moreover, having highly trained goods classification & management experts, quick TAT, leveraging a 24/7 work environment, reducing clients’ employee operations cost, 100% data confidentiality and privacy, absolute accuracy in the review of identification reports, and end-to-end HS coding support with all aspects of the process, are some other prominent advantages of outsourcing harmonised system classification services to SBL.

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