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Rapid globalisation and influx of digital technology is necessitating a strategic shift in the government sector to modernise and embrace information and communications technology in the functions of government bodies and resolve the various challenges including data silos, redundant processes, and paper-based operations.

Government organisations are seeking technology-backed strategies to establish new governance models and smarter responses to citizens. For efficient functioning in the digital era, government organisations need to integrate and embrace the new technological advancements holistically. Digital transformation enables government bodies to meet the growing expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technology transitions, and budget pressures. 

Partnering with SBL can aid government organisations to improve their operational and functional efficiency by successfully adopting the latest digital transformation software. These include: performance management software, planning and budgeting software, special access programs (SAPs), communications software, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software; government reporting software, and citizen relationship management (CRM) software. Our innovative solutions for government bodies have helped them manage public amenities better and control distribution of resources effectively. 

We scrutinise and address the multiple challenges of the government sector from scratch. The dedicated project team delivers sustainable outcomes using advanced technology customised to suit specific requirements of different regions/countries. Our disruptive solutions have helped government entities to enhance the lives of citizens by eliminating redundant processes and simplifying operations. This approach delivers transparent and measurable value with predictability. 

In addition, SBL has an efficient and dynamic team of engineers, marketing personnel, managers, and executives who can offer innovative ideas and tech-savvy e-governance platforms to provide flexibility, scalability, and feasibility to government forums. The government sector is a massive and labour-intensive sector and requires end-to-end digital transformation for successful and efficient streamlining of operations. SBL supports the digital transformation of the government sector through customised solutions to resolve the complex challenges associated with remote internet speed and connections, phishing and data privacy issues, deep fake content, excess focus on automation, and data mix ups due to AI implementation and poor user experience. 

Furthermore, we also support the governments in materialising their goals of establishing smart cities, communication facilities, digitised schooling, better transport, advanced security, and public order to become a developed nation and provide their citizens with improved living standards. Our government specific services and solutions range from: digital conversion of reports and thematic maps, urban local body mapping, GIS-based e-governance, GIS-enabled scheme monitoring system; asset management and maintenance, data visualisation, workflow automation, electronic document processing; data extraction, forest mapping, digital asset register preparation; web and mobile apps development, remote sensing based monitoring, evaluation studies; training to various government departments, e-Vidhan, tax management solutions, court management software, digitisation of historical documents and many more IT enabled services.

Services we offer to the government industry

Key highlights

  • We were instrumental in implementing thee-Vidhan solution and NeVA to become a critical part of the Mission Mode projects by the government of India and saves millions of dollars annually. 
  • SBL has digitised millions of public records of various national archives across the globe, ensuring seamless access to the historical data of a nation. 
  • Our GIS based tax management solution increased the tax collection by 48%
  • Through process automation and other ground-breaking concepts, we have resolved various challenges government entities face along with facilitating their decision-making process. 
  • We have successfully served efficient mapping solutions for the King’s Cross station in London and managed the scanning requirements of KSEB.

How to get started

We have solved challenges faced by Government entities through process automation and other ground-breaking concepts, thereby expediting their decision-making process.

Our team devises robust and scalable digital transformation solutions by leveraging intensive research-backed techniques and ensures governance efficiency.

Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex government workflows and build a successful operating model.

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SBL case studies
SBL case studies

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