Genealogical and Historical Records Transcription


We have proven expertise in providing top-class genealogical and historical data transcription services in English and other languages including Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Latin, Welsh, French, Spanish, Croatian, Portuguese etc. We have a highly experienced, award-winning team that offers excellent data accuracy through transcription.

With the meticulous attention to detail, we are best known for our quick TAT and high accuracy of data. We make use of the best tools and techniques to provide high-quality output even for old and barely readable documents.

We boast of a proven track record of over 9 years of service for the genealogy industry.

Our solutions


With our excellent outsourcing model, skill in capturing project requirements and evaluation methodology, we can convert genealogy records flawlessly as per the requirement.

Our cost-effective digitization services aid firms, in the government and private sectors, to digitize safely volumes of documents which otherwise would be vulnerable to physical damage. Our high-volume digitization solutions, at par with the regulatory requirements, empower businesses to access key information anytime. Our error-free digitization services increase the credibility of organizations across the entire business chain.

We offer a full package of scanning services of various documents for our clients. With our cost-effective scanning solutions, firms significantly cut down on the money spent on storing and accessing files, along with improving information management within the organization. Improved file integrity and security are the hallmarks of our scanning services.

Each day, companies gather and analyze tons of information obtained through emails, documents (paper and digital) and other sources. Our high-quality indexing services help firms to better organize this information. With our indexing solutions, enterprises can easily enter and search the required information in their database, thereby enhancing their efficiency.

With recent advances in technology, enterprises are constantly looking for the right solution for holistic protection of sensitive data and documents. We have the right tools and technology to preserve critical business data that can be easily located retrieved when required. Our cost-effective solutions give organizations greater control over their critical documents.

We specialize in providing turnkey automation solutions to cater to the unique requirements of businesses. Our automation services aid firms to sustain effective and scalable operations by controlling their manufacturing systems as per their needs. With extensive experience across multiple industry domains, we fabricate solutions according to the latest trends in the market.

A single error in a document can impact the message an organization wants to convey to its target audience. Our experienced team of proofreaders is adept in checking all types of documents with utmost accuracy. They can easily identify the typos, spelling mistakes, and formatting errors. With a quick TAT, our affordable proofreading services ensure zero error in the final document.

Our proven copy-editing services help firms produce great content on any subject. Right from eliminating basic grammar errors to making radical changes to ensure consistency in tone and flow, our expert copy editors leave no stone unturned to make sure the facts, figures, and statistics are correct. Meticulous evaluation ensures we return papers devoid of any errors.






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Genealogical And Historical Records Transcription

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