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Foreign language transcription for media & entertainment

Foreign language
transcription services

SBL is a market leader in providing technology-driven transcription services to multinational corporations, with extensive experience in the field. Our certified language professionals can transcribe documents, interviews, seminars, and web content flawlessly from European and Middle Eastern languages to English and vice versa. Multinational companies, freelance translators, translation service providers,  production houses, and transcription agencies benefit from SBL’s expert bilingual foreign language transcription services. Our transcription specialists also provide regular translation and transcription services for corporate videos. Further, we conduct a pre-transcription assessment of audio/video to ensure that the project’s progress is evident. 

We can handle a wide range of subjects, from business and law to more complex engineering and life sciences. Our transcriptionists maintain a high-quality standard and are backed up by language and subject matter experts. We can also include speaker identification, timestamps, and customisable transcript formatting as part of our transcription services. We provide transcription for seminar transcription, interview meetings transcription, focus group transcription, conference transcription, lecture depositions, online classes, clinical reports & studies, conference calls, panel discussions, financial reports, surveys, corporate videos, and documentaries transcription. 

Our certified French transcriptionists are proficient in French and English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. We can provide accurate and error-free French transcription services because of our fluency in these languages. We have a dedicated team that can comprehend your business needs and efficiently meet them. SBL’s Spanish transcription team is fluent in punctuation, spelling, Spanish and English grammar,  and sentence structure. Our fluency in the language allows us to accurately translate a variety of Spanish documents. We can transcribe and solve your business documents, web content, interviews, discussions, conferences, and classes in English with ease, thanks to our experience.

Our range of services

  • Document transcription 
  • Video transcription services
  • Archives transcription 
  • Genealogy foreign language records
  • Seminars transcription
  • Interviews transcription
  • Lectures transcription
  • Legal documents transcription
  • Conference calls transcription
  • Clinical reports transcription
  • Financial reports transcription
  • Documentaries transcription

Why choose SBL's foreign language transcription services?

SBL provides professional transcription services using best-in-class infrastructure, high-end transcription software, and cutting-edge technologies. Your audio files are completely secure and confidential with us. We transcribe from any source – audio, video, or digital at a highly cost-effective price with customised transcription packages tailor-made to suit your requirements. SBL provides multilingual customer support, which has always attained high customer satisfaction. We offer a different range of media options with the ability to provide transcription of digital video and audio CDs and all digital formats. Our bilingual transcribers hail from different backdrops and have considerable expertise in their field of specialisation. 

We transcribe your files in verbatim or summarise mode as specified, in the language of your choice. The final output is delivered in your preferred format. We mutually agree on the actual TAT after assessing the project’s volume and complexity. Our usual TAT is less than 24 hours and we always deliver within deadlines. Lastly, our experts are available 24/7. You may reach out to us at any time in case of emergencies. 

How to get started

SBL is a leading transcription service provider with a team of world-class transcription experts ; who work with you to understand your requirements and offer you the best solutions. We use native speakers who understand the finer nuances of the language. Using the latest transcription services technology supports accuracy, consistency and speed.

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