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Fleet management services for agriculture

Fleet management

SBL provides professional and comprehensive fleet management services. Our teams assist with the full range of fleet management challenges faced by couriers, utilities, emergency services, sales, and public transport companies. We handle everything, including fleet tracking, driver support, and location support. The team is made up of reliable, disciplined staff that can adapt and align with your backend to function as an extension of your team, from real-time fleet tracking to location assistance and many other service inclusions. We guarantee on-time delivery, cost savings, and the most efficient use of your assets. As a leading provider of fleet management services, we believe that your success is our success. Identifying gaps in the present system is one of the first steps toward asset optimization.

SBL, for example, assesses how long your fleet trucks are idle because every minute the engine is running without being in commercial transit is a loss of  productivity and a waste of fuel. Thanks to our fleet workaround, your vehicles will be transporting more than being idle at rest breaks. We use a tracking system to keep track of time and activities to accomplish this. To improve the overall fleet performance, metrics data are collected and compared regularly. We employ real-time traffic data, tracking, and geofence notifications to reduce pickup and delivery times to optimise routes. We can help you avoid penalties for late deliveries and increase client happiness as well as your bottom line in this way. 

We’re continually looking for new ways to reduce accidents and associated damage risk by improving driver safety. We offer advanced information to keep drivers updated on weather alerts if your fleet operations are in a region with adverse weather or uncertain driving conditions. We also use a point system that awards points for good driving, good safety records, and avoiding traffic offences. SBL’s fleet management services help you make the most of your fleet assets and operations so you may save money and save costs.

Our range of services

  • Asset utilisation
  • Delivery performance
  • Safety and satisfaction

Why choose SBL’s fleet management services?

SBL is a popular choice among logistics companies by supporting fleet management operations in the best way possible. SBL is a corporation that provides accredited fleet management services as a licensed fleet management outsourcing firm. We are a way ahead of the league as our quality is consistent, and you can rely on us to provide exceptional service for your customers. We have you covered in terms of your budget because our services may be tailored to your specific needs. Our quick response time helps you to reduce your turnaround time to market. We employ technology to your advantage to enable the fleet management services for you in an efficient manner. In a nutshell, we adhere to the industry’s recommended best practices. 

Our services are adjustable to keep up with your schedule, and we’ve got you covered if there’s an increase in volume. We have a highly-skilled fleet management expert team in our labour pool. They have years of experience working with both small and large organisations. We offer worldwide contact centres with employees available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in the language of your choice.

How to get started

SBL specialises in a wide range of logistical services. We have extensive expertise in the fleet management process and access to cutting-edge technology and tools to provide world-class fleet management services to our clients. Our teams are well-versed in all methodologies and will go above and beyond to deliver better results, particularly agility, cost-control, and overall service efficiency.

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