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Finance and accounting for banking & finance

Finance & accounting
outsourcing services

In today’s competitive business world, managing highly effective, well-defined, and accurate finance and accounting operations are of paramount importance for the successful and uninterrupted running of a business. This in turn leads to an overall improvement in financial planning, cash flows, business efficiency and sustainable business growth. Finance & accounting outsourcing services help to run these functions more efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Although vital, many finance and accounting tasks and workflows are necessarily routine and repetitive, and therefore require a particular character and temperament. Finding, retaining, and often replacing in-house staff for these positions can be a significant but avoidable drain on an organization’s time, money, and resources. 

At SBL we recruit and manage these teams for you, providing access to specialized talent pools of expert accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and CA (Chartered Accountants) along with advanced technology solutions. This combination of talent from our HR department and technology from our software development teams allows our clients to leverage comprehensive and innovative finance and accounting services which might be difficult and costly to develop and maintain in-house.

Furthermore, our experience of working in multiple disciplines and geographies means that our clients can have confidence that their businesses are aligned with global financial and accounting best practice. Along with these advantages, SBL’s reliable finance & accounting support services help your business to reduce overall infrastructure and operational costs, improve work efficiency, save time, and help establish flexible processes in compliance with their relevant accounting standards and financial regulations.

Our structured work model helps to transform financial operations into a strategic business asset. This process of digital transformation facilitates intelligent decision-making for your business through real-time insights and reporting. We ensure streamlined financial and accounting processes that guarantee timely invoice and payment processing for better stakeholder experiences. Our comprehensive finance and accounting processes offer end-to-end support for budgeting, financial planning, cost forecasting, tax payable, payroll management and statutory reporting for diverse industries such as retail, banking, insurance, E-commerce, government, infrastructure, etc.

Finance & accounting services

SBL’s finance & accounting services for digital
transformation of your finance operations

SBL delivers agile finance & accounting outsourcing services that help your business in achieving lower revenue leakages, optimized cash flows, and improved reporting accuracy through a systematic approach to finance and auditing processes.  With strict adherence to SLAs, and other regulatory requirements, our team efficiently handles diverse operations such as accounts payables, accounts receivables, tax processing, payroll management, and financial reporting. Our industry-specific solutions support businesses of all sizes to enhance the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the core financial processes.

Our state-of-the-art delivery centres have a strictly controlled environment with adherence to stringent security measures such as access control and data encryption to guarantee the security and confidentiality of client data. Backed by an expert team consisting of experienced finance professionals such as qualified chartered accountants and senior finance managers with rich industry experience, we combine financial discipline and innovation to achieve exceptional data quality and financial accuracy.

Why use SBL’s finance & accounting outsourcing

We focus on adding value to your back-office finance and accounting operations and help transform them into strategic processes that can support the core business analytics, intelligent research, and financial planning for your organization.  As well as competitive and customized pricing models, our services are designed to reduce the overall operational costs through flexible processes which cater to your operations even when spread across different locations or countries. Our clients have all benefitted from outsourcing to us in relation to improved cash collections, reporting accuracy, and compliance. In turn, this has allowed them to redirect their in-house talent to core business development functions such as driving growth.

Our multilingual team works round the clock to ensure seamless integration of precise financial data into your business systems while maintaining visibility and transparency through excellent customer support. Understanding the need for reducing financial leakages, we focus on mitigating fraud and proactively anticipate and act on compliance requirements.  We are committed to helping our clients modernize their finance back-office to achieve agile and performance-driven finance processes.

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