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Executive search services for banking & finance

Executive search

SBL’s executive search services form an important part of our wider RPO offering. Our executive search customers quickly gain access to highly talented senior level candidates and other key managerial positions as per your preferred profiles. We provide high quality, well-managed and result oriented screening, profiling, evaluation, shortlisting, interviewing, selection and recruitment services as part of a  comprehensive hiring strategy for high profile professionals and executives search.

We use intelligent, imaginative and well-honed processes to assess and identify targeted recruitment parameters for those key executives who are best aligned to the function, position, industry, culture, mission, strategy and business roadmap for your particular organisation.

SBL assists you in finding the appropriate workforce for your available roles, whether you are seeking chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief technology officer (CTO) or CIO/CXO, directors, vice presidents, senior managers and several other high ranking officers. We will always fill vacancies from the most appropriate resource pool for your business, and offer these services on demand, as you require them. 

Our executive search agents use a range of contacts in their business and avail their in-depth understanding of their field to provide the best executive per the requirement. We also make the task easy by conducting in-depth interviews before presenting candidates to their clientele. We also assist clients in writing accurate and compelling job descriptions.

Why choose SBL's executive search services?

SBL offers best in class and unmatched quality industry specific executive search services for all sizes of organisations for all international locations with quick turnaround time .We make sure that all of our clients have a single point of contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help them with their executive search needs. Our conversations and candidate selections are conducted under the strictest levels of confidentiality terms. SBL also considers data security a key priority in all of our client contacts. 

Furthermore, our information security compliance standards provide comprehensive safety for your data, and our recruiters adhere to strict data security protocols. We ensure that our clients’ vacancy closures are done with proven results, not only by guaranteeing proper candidate selection, but also by the efficient management of all of the back-office recruitment process activities in a flawless manner. 

How to get started

With the combination of our exceptional and experienced team and a rich combination of talent-pool, resources, and knowledge, we can provide scalable, cost-effective, and quick executive search services to worldwide clients with improved business outcomes, professional customer experience, and 24/7 multi-channel executive search.

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