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Event registration services for real estate

Event registration
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Planning and executing a successful event inevitably entails several challenges, often simultaneous. For example, when organizing large-scale events, several factors might complicate the registration process such as the plethora of information and numerous participants and sponsors that need to be accommodated and managed. A poor registration process can put an event in disarray, frustrate the attendees and lead to unnecessary delays. Being the first touchpoint of the event, it is crucial to deliver a positive and personalised registration experience, so that the attendees can participate in the event with a receptive mindset. SBL’s event registration outsourcing services can meet the unique needs of each event and streamline the registration process to provide a hassle-free experience to the attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Our event registration services can cover the needs of organizations from diverse sectors including E-commerce, retail, fashion, media and entertainment, transportation, and logistics, etc, and eliminate the need to handle unnecessary paperwork by the in-house team. We have a well-trained event management team who can professionally attend to the attendees and ensure maximum event registrations and participation to make your event a success.

SBL’s event registration services

We provide reliable event registration outsourcing services for numerous global clients with the help of our multilingual team of experts who are adept at handling the end-to-end event registration process and can quickly resolve all customer issues. Our services cover event registrations for various industries, trade shows, online webinars, conferences, etc, and assure a smooth handling of events of any size and geography. 

Our process adheres to a customer-centric approach and begins by understanding the client’s needs and industry for crafting an event-specific solution that can generate the best registration experience for the business and the attendees. We approach the attendees using online or offline contact strategies and stimulate their interest in the event to ensure registration. Further, we follow up with the attendees after registration as a reminder about the event so that they attend the event on the scheduled date. 

Understanding the growing demand for virtual events, we have a dedicated team who can successfully handle virtual event registration without any common registration pitfalls. SBL’s optimized registration process offers software enabled customizable online registration, automated event attendee data collection and integration, hassle-free payment process and mobile and all browser friendly interface.

Why SBL’s event registration services?

We offer personalized solutions in multiple languages that adhere to international standards and offer a seamless event registration experience. Our registration experts deploy the latest tools and ensure on-time delivery and help eliminate registration delays. We implement strict data security measures at our delivery centres and assure 100% data security and confidentiality of your data.

Throughout the process, our team remains in regular touch with the attendees and updates them on any changes in the schedule and answers all queries they have about the event. Our services are scalable, transparent, and come with a 24/7 support guarantee to provide you the necessary assistance anytime and maximize the reach of your event.

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GIS consultancy services for surveying

GIS consultancy services

SBL is a global information services provider with a strong foothold in offering geospatial services disrupting various industries with a unique intersection of critical location intelligence, intelligent location-based analytics, industry-leading proprietary solutions, resilient operations, and innovative business engagement models. Started in 2007 to serve the photogrammetry mapping requirements of our clients, we emerged as a premier enterprise transformation partner for clients looking to outsource GIS consultancy services. Furthermore, our professionals are skilled in providing GIS solutions tailored to your business needs and cater to location intelligence requirements of businesses of all sizes. 

We follow a consultative approach to  understand your specific business needs and work to devise a customized geospatial strategy. Our GIS specialists have wide industry exposure and are competent to handle the geospatial requirements of sectors like telecom and network services, transportation services, urban planning, energy and utilities, agricultural applications, GIS and government, banking and healthcare. With our industry-acclaimed GIS experience and expertise, we help our clients leverage the latest GIS capabilities, improve workflows, maximize value of existing GIS systems, and gain competitive edge. Our geographic data systems consultants analyse bottlenecks in GIS projects and applications, and implement groundbreaking solutions. We help enterprises make the most out of their GIS applications and provide assistance in understanding all aspects of a new GIS software. In addition, we offer full cycle consultancy services, supporting the design, development, maintenance and support of the client’s GIS product implementation.

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