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Engineering modelling services for AEC

Engineering modelling
outsourcing services

Across the globe, businesses are in constant need of high-quality engineering modelling outsourcing services that can bring precision, control, and efficiency to the conceptualization, design, execution, and creation of structurally sound products, processes, and buildings. This intelligent approach to design is essential to an organisation’s overall expansion and growth. Through engineering modelling design services, accurate and reliable modelling and simulation (M&S) illustrations of a system, process, or a structure can be achieved. As a result, those teams involved in technical and functional substantiation are able to gain a clear view early on for how the end product will look when completed, especially in terms of the context or environment into which it will fit. Furthermore, M&S enables the engineering team to run early-stage performance analysis against the design, thereby formulating predictive estimates and making key feasibility and execution decisions prior to the build stage.

Utilising and maintaining an in-house engineering modelling team comes with a number of challenges. These range from hiring expert engineering professionals, to technical training and software costs, to ongoing operational overheads and the risks associated with scaling for growth. Outsourcing engineering modelling services is an effective strategy to leverage the professional expertise and technological capabilities of a proficient service provider and fulfil the project requirements for an optimal outlay in a quick turnaround time. SBL is an industry leader in engineering modelling services for a diverse range of businesses and organisations including construction, infrastructure, government, manufacturing, industrial, mining, retail, transport, logistics. We offer a full complement of design support capabilities that includes design estimation, coordination, and visualisation support.

Our detailed engineering design services enhance design productivity and guarantee high levels of accuracy for precise visualisation and rapid manipulation of models. We follow a well-rounded operational model that helps reduce overall costs, eliminates delays, reduces time-to-market, and assists in producing high quality building constructions or engineered products. Our team consists of accomplished designers and visualisers who can guarantee true real-life representations of the structures or products and deliver within time and budget.

Engineering modelling services

SBL’s engineering modelling outsourcing services

We help our clients create accurate, flawless engineering designs through our wide range of services such as mechanical engineering modelling, structural engineering modelling, architectural engineering modelling, electrical engineering modelling, infrastructure engineering modelling, civil engineering modelling, process plant engineering modelling, and BIM services. Regardless of the project’s complexities, we deliver with strict adherence to SLAs while reducing the overall design time for our clients.

Our cross-functional team follows industry best practices and delivers exceptional designs that meet international quality and design standards. We operate from state-of-the-art delivery centres across India employing pro-active and adaptable project teams who make it their business to stay abreast of the constant technological advancements required to meet the rapidly evolving modelling requirements of diverse businesses. With stringent adherence to quality assurance, we guarantee complete security and confidentiality of our clients’ data and projects.

Why SBL’s engineering modelling services?

We offer engineering modelling services with advanced simulation capabilities to correlate design with projected cost and estimate the pre-production and post-production expenses in advance to improve project efficiency. Our consultants identify the best engineering models that can precisely align with your business capabilities and promote a collaborative approach where all stakeholders can have visibility of the design and can contribute effectively.

Our engineering experts innovate consistently to meet the emerging challenges of engineering designs and bring a technology-backed approach that is flexible and scalable for any project size. We use data-driven elements to reduce errors and support the end-to-end modelling process right from ideation to mapping to revisions based on client inputs and feasibility studies.  Our team offers round-the-clock, proactive support and real-time monitoring to ensure the timely completion of your high-value projects.

How to get started

SBL’s sophisticated engineering modelling services support end-to-end design and visualisation requirements of diverse businesses bringing significant cost and time savings and enhancing process efficiency. The size of our team means that we are able to mobilise quickly.

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