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The spiralling global increase in energy consumption is placing intense pressure on the energy industry to revamp and transition to digital operations in order to protect profits while addressing global issues such as tackling carbon emissions and mitigating the environmental impact from conventional sources. There is already a drive from within the industry for companies to realign themselves as increasingly agile organisations so as to to better mange the myriad challenges they face. These challenges include environmental & regulatory compliances, legacy IT infrastructure, inefficient supply chains, and higher operational costs. 

This agile approach also allows a more flexible and nimble response to the shifting sands surrounding competitive and business landscapes, technological advancement, and unforeseen global events. At SBL, we support the energy sector and utility companies to achieve operational excellence through digital transformation so as to meet ever-increasing customer expectations. We enable our customers to introduce end-to-end automation and, in so doing, to more effectively manage core activities such as energy generation, storage and leakage issues, and smart grid compliance. 

Furthermore, automation allows our customers to optimise demand response times and, more generally, to better resolve and manage the otherwise time-consuming challenges related to process complexities, scalability and capacity, and ongoing technological change. A digital-first approach helps to channel strategic and tactical priorities judiciously with improved visibility into the operational landscape and enterprise ecosystem. Therefore, outsourcing IT technology services for the energy and utilities community can revamp your company’s structural as well as digital needs.

SBL is a reliable partner for these outsourcing services. We provide IT-enabled solutions for real-time secured management and data accessibility. Our solutions introduce optimisation across the board thereby reducing the overhead costs associated with activities such as resource exploration and construction, inventory management, logistics support, real-time surveillance and monitoring, tracking, operations and processes. This is typically achieved through a number of technologies including DevOps, cloud, mobility, data management and analytics, digital transformation, surveillance. 

Our applications and solutions cover a wide range of functional domains such as oil, gas & chemicals, and power, utilities & mining. We collaborate with our customers to provide efficient monitoring and predictive analytics maintenance solutions to minimise risks, help attain the safety of the workforce & environment and to detect impending failures in a timely manner. In particular our process automation solutions help achieve operational and production efficiency at all levels of generation and distribution. 

For business intelligence, our GIS services department helps enhance the accuracy of the discovery of hydrocarbons, optimise ongoing drilling operations and risks, and maximise energy fleet operations with real-time fleet monitoring through GPS tracking systems. The resulting improvements to business operations ensure predictability while undertaking proactive pipeline network maintenance and consistent ‘last mile’ performance.

Services we offer to the energy industry

Key highlights

  • Compared to in-house energy operations teams, we provide affordable back-office services, ensuring quick TAT.
  • SBL helps energy enterprises migrate legacy infrastructure, data and applications on digitally robust platforms.
  • We follow a data-first approach for operational excellence and offer professional teams having domain expertise with proven methodologies to extract business insights from a huge volume of data.
  • Our project management department synergises and streamlines risk-proof workflows within and across multiple operations of energy enterprises.

How to get started

SBL enables the energy industry players to develop digitally transformed and responsive operating models.

All our services have been meticulously designed to assist you in increasing overall efficiency. Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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Creation of Digital Terrain Models in a Proposed Solar Farm Area, UK

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