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EMR services for healthcare

Electronic medical records services (EMR)

SBL’s electronic medical records services (EMR) make it easier for your team to manage electronic health records more efficiently. We can also assist with preparing specialised formats for patients with certain conditions. Our teams can take care of invoicing, collections, eligibility management, allowing you to handle more patients in less time. Furthermore, we ensure that your organisation is connected to health information exchanges, labs, and pharmacies, among other things, to improve communication about changing healthcare requirements. We can also create custom software for you. For instance we design electronic medical record management software that allows you to capture, access, analyse, and integrate all medical data so as to improve efficiency, collaboration, and productivity inside your healthcare organisation. In addition, we build communication channels for our clients. These include with pharmacies, laboratories, radiology or imaging firms; insurance agencies, referral providers, health-related information exchange, vaccination registries, and a range of other organisations. SBL’s EMR services will help you boost business efficiency, improve healthcare quality, and increase cash flow. Our primary aim is to assist busy physicians to more efficiently analyse the reason for the patient’s visit, check the patient’s history, review current medications, and old medications in the chart, prioritise the diagnosis conditions, and order lab tests if necessary or if the patient is due. All sub-specialties have an easy and feature-rich interface, including oncology, pathology, radiology, and others. You can gather, combine, save, retrieve, display, and exchange patient data at any time and from any location. As a result, a robust EMR helps you optimise your workflow and create a structure for managing and addressing all your facility’s healthcare activities. You can track patient encounters, make educated decisions, and care for your records management needs across all healthcare disciplines with a robust EMR at your facility.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Dermatology EMR services
  • Sleep medicine EMR services
  • Oncology EMR services
  • Cardiology EMR services
  • Physical medicine EMR services
  • OB/GYN EMR services
  • Orthopaedics EMR services
  • Otolaryngology EMR services
  • Urgent care EHR services
  • General surgery EMR services
  • Neurology EMR services
  • Ophthalmology EMR services
  • Pulmonary EMR services
  • Allergy and immunology EMR services
  • Pain management EMR services
  • Internal medicine EMR services
  • Rehabilitative medicine EMR services
  • Speech therapy EMR services
  • Primary care EMR services
  • Rheumatology EMR services
  • Psychiatry EMR services
  • Behavioural health EHR services
  • Vascular surgery EMR services
  • Gastroenterology EMR services
  • Hand surgery EMR services
  • Infectious disease EMR services
  • House call EMR services
  • Urology EMR services
  • Medical record summary services
  • EHR services
  • Nephrology EMR services
  • EMR integration services
  • Ambulatory surgery EMR services
  • Virtual EMR services
  • Chart prepping services
  • EMR data migration services

Why choose SBL’s electronic medical records

Excellent healthcare provides consistency and growth-driven monitoring, and SBL professionals specialising in EMR services are well-versed in this area. SBL, a renowned EMR services supplier, continues to support even after implementing the EHR system. Our teams will provide round-the-clock support to help reduce software downtime and improve your organisation’s usability. Your account manager will provide customised reports and a custom-designed interface based on the services you provide, which we implement with the help of your internal team. We offer EMR services at a price that fits your budget and schedule. 

The sales team can provide a personalised estimate for EMR services based on the size and volume of your firm. The cost is dependent on the number of people directly participating, the duration of the project, and other considerations. We have a large group of EMR experts. Our team always sends data using secure FTP and VPN, making it less susceptible to hacking and security hazards than data sent via other methods. This is because we recruit dedicated network security experts to eliminate potential risks during the procedure.

How to get started

SBL has experience offering 360-degree electronic medical records services and a wide range of other healthcare support services as a leading provider of EMR services. Our EHR services can assist you in streamlining your company’s process and utilising real-time data.

Contact an expert to learn more about our steps to provide you with top-notch EMR services. Talk to an expert now!

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