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E-commerce services is a fast-evolving industry that has revolutionised the way businesses operate and function bringing end-users closer to the companies. From an initial transition from a new technology platform, managing consumer demands, and the steady shift from desktop to mobile devices, the industry is now leveraging technologies like machine learning, augmented reality, and IoT to improve our customer shopping experience further and enhance customer retention. 

However, these advancements call for the right strategy and implementation straight from finding the right products, attracting the target customer base, generating quality traffic, converting website visitors into buyers, selecting the right set of technologies, to achieving long-term profitable growth. With the increasing demand for improved customer service and better-quality products, E-commerce organisations or service providers must constantly strive toward overcoming these challenges. 

Outsourcing to a team of experts in the E-commerce domain helps you to boost your E-commerce services without scaling resources inhouse and help overcome the diverse market challenges efficiently and achieve business goals.

Whatever challenges you encounter in your E-commerce service business model, SBL can provide you with tech-driven agile solutions in quick turnaround time for several business aspects to help operationalise or optimise your E-commerce business as per the need. We can support you right from the beginning to the execution of the process, including strategic consulting, mobile commerce ready websites with eWallet functionality, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), social commerce, E-commerce CRM systems, chatbots, gamification, technical E-commerce development and support, customer support, business analytics, comprehensive digital marketing, video creation and product image editing and addition. 

When you outsource E-commerce services to SBL, we offer customised latest technology enabled, scalable, and user-friendly E-commerce technology solutions that give a strategic edge to your E-commerce operations and help you cater to your potential market efficiently with a value proposition and effective competitive strategy. Moreover, with the help of safe, strong, and most advanced maintenance support platforms such as Magento and BigCommerce, we offer end-to-end delivery of online E-commerce products and even help you to establish a unique brand identity in the market. 

Your E-commerce platform will attain increased customer lifecycle value, lesser cart abandonments, enhanced user engagement, and experience with maximised uptime with SBL E-commerce solutions.

Services we offer to the E-commerce industry

Key highlights

  • Our network of international logistics suppliers and customs brokerage is wide, covering air, sea, and road freights for multiple industries, including fashion, retail, automotive, beverages, healthcare, agriculture etc.
  • Our data mapping support boosted the revenues of a US-based E-commerce firm by 40%.
  • Our CMS reduced the turnaround time of a UK-based E-commerce enterprise by 22%.
  • Our automated bidding platform enhanced customer experience by 70%
  • We re-engineered’s E-commerce platform in record time.
  • We have a holistic understanding of the E-commerce industry along with the bandwidth and skills to offer suitable customised solutions to diverse clients. 
  • As an ISO 27001:2013 ISMS certified company, we ensure that all the data transferred to us by the E-commerce industry is secure with us. 
  • We can efficiently manage your inventory, distributor/supplier chain, 3rd party logistics and internal logistics, order fulfilment and returns processing.

How to get started

Our ingenious and integrated E-commerce offerings aid online retailers to succeed in the digital world and run their businesses effortlessly.

We create an ideal E-commerce platform that helps organisations to better understand their customers and leverage emerging technologies to provide personalised experiences.We have scripted success for some of the biggest E-commerce enterprises by reinventing their platforms, resulting in reduced cart abandonment and high conversion rates.

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