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eParliament is an end-to-end enterprise solution which helps the State and Citizens benefit from the use of technology in the government sector. It provides a paperless digital solution to automate the day-to-day events of the Parliament and Legislative assembly. eParliament solutions provide maximum benefits that have an operational, environmental, social and economic impact.


  • Integration of application ecosystem enabling Government departments to interface with the Parliament/Legislative secretariat.
  • Monitoring of Government functionaries through the automated Parliament/Legislative committee system.
  • Mobile applications for Parliament/Legislative members for tracking development issues in the constituencies.
  • Mobile applications for citizens to interact with Constituency representatives for grievance redressal.
  • Powerful search engine and retrieval applications for citizens to view public documents offered by the government agencies.


  • Maximizes benefit with a centralized repository of information, providing better information security.
  • Reduces data redundancy, redundant processes, paper usage and printing cost, storage and preservation cost.
  • Provides multilingual support, better transparency in governance accountability.

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