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eMunicipality solution

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eMunicipality solution

Municipal governance is fraught with several challenges, major being timely scheduling and deliveries of planned local area development projects within budget and citizen grievance redressal mechanisms, which are further aggravated as manual processes are involved in addressing the municipal bodies’ services delivery. Having a standalone basic technology system is not an effective solution for handling these complex problems as it cannot help remove the disconnect between various processes governing municipal departments and their information flow between municipal officials and local citizens. Our eMunicipality solution helps to bridge this gap.

A unified advanced technology-enabled digital transformation solution for local government bodies will not only help improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their everyday operations and governance, but also will ensure better public participation in their policy-making process. SBL’s eMunicipality is an e-Governance solution to transform the functioning of local self-governance bodies like Municipal councils, Municipal corporations, and related departments by replacing traditional paper-based processes with technology-based processes through innovative and interactive modules.

Our solution enhances the governance process effectively by eliminating redundant processes and establishing smart workflows for reducing operational complexity. eMunicipality streamlines and integrates Interactions among Councillors, various department officials, and the public resulting in efficient and transparent governance. Designed to handle the end-to-end administrative requirements of local bodies, the solution brings a multidisciplinary approach focusing on areas such as town planning and building plan approvals, health and solid waste management, citizen facility centre and vendor engagement, sewage treatment, traffic, and parking management, HR, and payroll management, health, and solid waste management.

Key features of eMunicipality solution:

  • Council meetings management module for conducting efficient meetings of Councillors, Committees, Adalats, etc.
  • Secure office module for conducting the day-to-day activities of the council
  • A Councillor’s module for the Councillor’s to access all functionalities using web platform
  • Mobile application stack for public and Councillors to connect to the system on the go
  • Filed crew / Service management module connecting field staff, dispatch, and critical customer information for improved service execution
  • GIS-based asset management to track historical work, understand associated costs, schedule preventive maintenance, and streamline the permitting process
  • Project monitoring and impact assessment module to monitor project progress and assess the impact on community development
  • Public participation platform and operational dashboard for citizens to raise concerns and grievances with relevant departments 
  • Questions processing and answering facility between Councillor and departments 
  • Office automation and digital multimedia archiving and management
  • Digital facilitation of services for public


  • Municipal corporations and other local self-governance bodies

Key benefits of eMunicipality solution

  • Saves space and resources through digitization and archival of paper documents
  • Real time availability of information for easy monitoring and quick decision making
  • Dynamic search query facility with which users can retrieve the necessary data from the repository
  • Reduce the effort of maintaining manual records/registers
  • Smart workflow for preparing agendas, handling questions, reports, etc.
  • Eliminate paper usage and introduces eco-friendly operations
  • Complete office automation for Municipal council
  • Greater citizen participation through a mobile application and public portal of councils and grievance management
  • Better public service using GIS enabled ward/division management information system for councillors
  • One-touch access through an easy-to-use application
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly application
  • Unicode and multi-tenancy app
  • Mobile application-based technologies
  • Completeness, reliability, and currency of stored information

How to get started

SBL’s eMunicipality solution transforms and automates the local self-governance bodies and enhances citizen participation in governance with smart workflows and paperless operations. We offer multiple deployment options such as On-Premises deployment for clients, Individual cloud-based handled by vendor, multi-tenant deployment handled by vendor, and SAS – totally configurable by the client.

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