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eLegislator solution

With the evolving needs of modern democracy, enhancing the functional effectiveness and performance of the legislative assemblies is important for federalism and local democracy. Good governance and accountability are key for law enactment and safeguarding citizen interests, as technology can help legislators in effectively accomplishing their law-maker role and meet the escalated expectations of their electorate while functioning well in all conditions. SBL’s eLegislator solution is one such technology.

Indeed, modern-day legislative bodies are fast embracing the potential of technologies like eLegislator to transform their manual processes into technology-based operations for efficient governance, seamless collaboration, real-time information sharing, eco-friendly processes, and strong democracies with enhanced public participation, to be future-ready even in the case of unprecedented crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Our eLegislator converts legislatures into digital workplaces through innovative and interactive modules that enable high levels of automation across the entire activities of legislative bodies and establish a paperless office for improved process efficiency and seamless information management.

The eLegislator automates the day-to-day operations of the legislative bodies and creates a seamless integration between departments for better control and monitoring. The solution streamlines interactions between the honourable members, legislative officials, public, and media personnel for transparency, accountability, and better governance. Through eLegislator, the public gains access to a more effective and direct channel for participating in the lawmaking process and connecting to the system from anywhere. Further, the solution also supports legislatures in informed decision-making and guarantees complete data security through stringent access control and advanced technologies such as biometric authentication and digital certificates.


  • Legislative bodies and related departments
  • Governments
  • Legal professionals

Key benefits of eLegislator

  • Better citizen engagement using the public web portal of Legislator and grievance management application
  • GIS enabled constituency management information system for Honorable Members
  • Digitization and archival of paper-based documents resulting in better search and retrieval of information
  • Increased information availability to the public through the public website
  • Mobile application connects the public, members, and the Legislative system on the go
  • Reduced paper usage resulting in eco-friendly operations
  • 100% improvement in decision making by online file movement over physical file movement
  • Eliminates redundant processes and improves operations efficiency
  • Better control and monitoring of day-to-day operations
  • Improved security with multiple levels of secure layers
  • 0% downtime giving the right information at the right time for informed decisions
  • 30% more number of questions and notices processing
  • 25% improvement of parliament and legislative data submission online
  • Ever evolving with clear roadmaps and updates
  • One-time investment with no recurring costs on licensing or other related aspects
  • Built on an open stack platform and customizable with minimal effort
  • Guaranteed future support

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SBL’s eLegislator is an innovative platform to digitalize the functions of legislative bodies and enable them to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen democracy.

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