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SBL Corp has specifically designed a highly interactive Menu and Order Management Solution for restaurants, hotels, cafes and pubs and diners. It is a tablet-based system with the motive of replacing paper menu cards and contributing towards an eco-friendly environment. Apart from being eco-friendly, our solution helps to drastically increase business and at the same time greatly reduces operational costs.

Our digital menu and ordering system has grabbed the attention and satisfaction of many customers. It is fully digital and simple to use. This tablet-based food and drink menu especially designed for hotels, cafes, pubs, and restaurants allows the customer to quickly place orders directly using the application without waiting for a steward. The customer orders go directly into the kitchen without any intervention or waste of time.


  • Eco-friendly paperless system
  • Simple tablet-based menu for Restaurateurs and diners
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Multi-language selection
  • Interactive screens with pictures and description of food items
  • Full Menu / Segmented menu
  • Personalization of food items
  • Order and delivery notifications
  • Steward on demand service
  • Movies/music/games
  • Hassle free and quick bill generation
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Instant Feedback/suggestions
  • Zero menu card printing costs

Solution Coverage

  • Seamless integration with popular hotel management solutions
  • Easy generation and management of bills
  • Promotion management
  • Discounts/Offers/Alerts
  • Real-time Order status tracking
  • Cancellation of orders if not processed
  • Instant viewing of bill
  • Instant Feedback/suggestions


For Restaurateurs

  • Hosting Advertisements as ROI strategy
  • Reduction in physical trips of stewards from dining area to kitchen
  • Easy content updating on servers and instant mirroring in tablets
  • Screens coherent with restaurant themes
  • Easy to keep track of multiple orders
  • Streamlined order processing/ tracking/cancellations
  • Replacement of paper menu via interactive tablets

For Diners

  • Quick Order placement
  • Customised order placement
  • Visually Interactive experience
  • Place/track/cancel orders
  • Food & Drink suggestions
  • Ingredient and nutritional information
  • Special offers/discounts for privileged guests
  • Instant viewing of bills
  • Group orders and billing adjustments if any
  • Instant Feedback/suggestions

About SBL

SBL Corp offers a broad range of IT solutions to a large number of global clients across industries. We specialize in the design and development of commercial grade software in an attempt to solve real-life challenges facing the fast-paced IT industry. We deliver world-class smart solutions that increase performance and decrease the total cost of technology operations.