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Document scanning for government

Document scanning
outsourcing services

SBL provides faultless document scanning outsourcing services that leverage sophisticated scanning technology, deploying large format colour scanners, flatbed scanners, and more, to offer customised document scanning solutions to our clients. Typical document types include receipts, manuals, handwritten material, legal files, records, and accounting sheets, among other things. 

Our teams are able to assist you with manual and automated indexing and archiving functions. In addition we provide full-text OCR indexing and also de-skewing. In the past, SBL has also partnered with its clients for their data capture requirements including double data capture. Furthermore, our expert data management team is often asked to digitally set up an efficient document handling system. This makes the rest of the process easier for them. 

We use super fast flatbed scanners to scan your paper documents. Both large and small records are then monitored and accommodated according to the strict scanning parameters. We can also offer our clients image-only PDF formats. Our quality assurance team analyses the transparency and accuracy of the scanned files to ensure the optimum quality of the scanned images. If any errors are found, we rescan the documents to ensure perfection.

Our range of services

  • Organisation of documents
  • Scanning of documents
  • Reorganisation of documents

Why choose SBL’s document scanning services?

The need for investing in secure infrastructure has  made hard copy data storage a costly proposition for businesses but SBL’s document scanning services bring in a cost-effective solution for  scanning huge piles of paperwork into desired format. . Businesses  require agile and efficient outsourcing of document scanning, indexing, digitization and archiving services to focus on their core industrial activities. Outsourcing document scanning to SBL can eliminate paper usage for any enterprise and archive data by amassing relevant data from diverse resources. SBL can store and manage your data in one place, enabling you to access and analyse the information as per your business requirements. We strive to stay at the top of innovations in document scanning technology. 

Our flatbed scanners are equipped with fast scanning technology and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF). We can effortlessly offer duplex scanning and also ensure using scanners depending on clients’ pixel density requirements. Our global delivery centres are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and we ensure quick turnaround time and flexible pricing model for our clients.  

How to get started

Outsource professional document scanning services to SBL Corp and experience remarkable productivity and growth!

With a team of skilled data scientists and project managers, we can deliver the best document scanning for modern data operations. We deliver customizable and scalable services to meet your specific business needs and maximise your ROI. 

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