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Desktop publishing services for education

Desktop publishing

An organised and streamlined publishing process requires highly professional desktop publishing services. Outsourcing these services to professionals adept with electronic publishing technologies, printer drivers, and other tools can ensure seamless business continuity for projects of any size, language, format and platform. Instead of pursuing the costly avenue of training a new in-house team, avail SBL’s specialised desktop publishing which virtually assist companies across various verticals, from education to entertainment, retail, marketing, event management, market research, etc.

We help minimise the burden of content and layout development for enterprises whose in-house teams are focused on multiple projects. We also function as consultants for our clients, and our strictly researched recommendations constantly endeavour to offer top-quality output in every project we undertake.

Our customised services enable business collaborations to impact their clients’ customers and sales positively.  We employ various specialised software packages for multilingual document formatting, detailed text formatting and typography. These skills make us adept at creating striking, superior-quality eBook and print book cover designs, amplifying the subject matter through inventive design conceptualization. Our specialised team of graphic designers also creates catchy logos and memorable branding posters and billboards, beautiful publications, eye-catching print advertisements, trendy website graphics and elements, etc. In addition, we design and develop all types of marketing literature, including basic flyers, pamphlets, brochures, and detailed product catalogues. SBL’s professional image editing services include adjusting and enhancing pictures for desktop publishing. Our teams integrate contemporary techniques to combine illustration, typography, photography and content into customised, impeccable layouts.

Our key desktop publishing services

  • Text formatting
  • Multilingual document formatting
  • Cover design services
  • Graphics development
  • Marketing collateral
  • Photo editing services
  • Layout design

Why choose SBL’s desktop publishing services

The multiple advantages of outsourcing desktop publishing services to SBL include employing multilingual teams. We host a comprehensive team of data publishing experts, designers, illustrators, graphic artists, and account managers proficient in English and other languages and offer 99 percent compliance with SLAs (service level agreement) standards. The agreements are developed and operated according to a strictly streamlined project schedule with fast turnarounds and the ability to work with different time zones. In addition, we abide by a customer-centric approach, complete confidentiality assurance with highly secure FTP uploads and web servers, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, and virtual private networks (VPN) to meet each client’s customised/specific needs, along with providing 24/7 customer support through email or phone. 

How to get started

With a team of skillful designers, we can deliver the best desktop publishing services for your industry. Along with large enterprises, we also offer our services to small and medium businesses to maximise ROI. 

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