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Database services for genealogy

Database outsourcing

SBL’s database outsourcing services offer solutions to complexities in internal workload management, scalability requirements, surging data volume, decentralised data management, and security.

With our services, you will find yourself better positioned to establish decision criteria, matching the specific solutions for your business demands. We simultaneously run a need analysis to gain insight into the operations of your team to comprehend your requirements and develop a detailed plan customised for your business.

SBL’s team has the required expertise to handle your GraphDB managed service needs. We also ensure the most up-to-date GraphDB tools, such as Neo4j, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, ArangoD, Amazon Neptune, OrientDB, Dgrap, DataStax, FlockDB, Cassandra, and Titan and Cayley, while providing the highest quality services to clients. Through expert and scientific evaluation, we can assist you in determining the appropriate database model for your business.

The storing and retrieval of data will be streamlined thanks to our secure database proposed approach that protects your database management system from unauthorised access, illegitimate use, and malicious cyberattacks. Our database design will also make it easier to integrate with various RDBMS, including Oracle Database, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2. We also offer services to assist you in taking advantage of JanuGraph’s many storage backends, such as Apache Cassandra, Google Cloud Bigtable, Apache HBase, Oracle BerkeleyDB, and Scylla.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • GraphDB managed services
  • Neo4J managed services
  • PostgreSQL database services
  • CouchDB managed services
  • Database design services
  • Data warehouse services
  • Database Development Services
  • Database management services
  • Database administration services
  • Database migration services
  • Patch management services
  • MySQL managed services
  • Apache ignite managed services
  • MongoDB managed services
  • SQL server managed services
  • ScyllaDB managed services
  • Cassandra managed services
  • PostgreSQL managed services
  • ArangoDB managed services
  • JanusGraph managed services
  • Scalability
  • Single point of contact
  • Experienced team of database services professionals and project managers
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Secure file sharing
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • DB service tools and software

Why choose SBL's database outsourcing services?

Outsourcing database services to SBL helps you get access to custom operating models, checks the compatibility of your existing technology resources and evaluates workload performance on the hardware at your end. SBL database experts can deliver powerful strategies and database engine performance solutions to transform your business dynamics in real-time conditions, enabling your staff to concentrate on other critical functions. We provide an excellent team of expert problem solvers who systematically manage every challenge with carefully engineered solutions. SBL also helps promote your business efficiency by leveraging our database solutions to keep your data organised. Our wide-ranging database solutions are followed by a transparent workflow that our clients can validate at each phase of database service solutions. SBL resolves the database issues with conceptual and practical knowledge of the database systems & their operating mechanism and adheres to the client’s requirements of maintaining top-notch security between the one on one communication. Following the creation of each database service, we execute various tests to normalise the information or the data and its performance in an integrated environment. We will only approve the project for deployment at the client’s end once the test parameters have been met satisfactorily, highlighting our attention to accuracy and detailing. 

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With a team of skilled software developers and project managers, we can deliver the best database services for your business. We strive to acclaim a superior position for your company as we customise our services per your business needs. We also offer our services to small and medium businesses to maximise ROI along with large enterprises. 

Experience our exceptional database solutions and witness growth with us. So stop waiting and get in touch with our expert to know more!

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