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Data processing for insurance

Data processing outsourcing services

SBL’s data processing outsourcing services help you manage large volumes of data without compromising on quality so as to enable fast and accurate information retrieval across all levels of your organization. Services include capturing raw data, conversion and analysis, computer or electronic data processing, presented in a tabular, visual or textual format. Data processing has become critical in a data-driven automated world to deliver accurate information systems. SBL ensures this accuracy by working efficiently and precisely with all input formats like BMP (Bitmap), GIF (Graphic Interchange Format), JFIF (JPEG Format Image File), PCX (Picture Exchange Format) and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), along with also helping in conversion for printed material, photo scans, excel tables or MS office formats. Our team is capable of handling requirements of both large and small enterprises to help them achieve operational efficiencies with customized data processing services including data entry/scanning, data editing and cleaning, data aggregation and summarisation, data validation, data tabulation and presentation, and data analysis. We have a  proven track record of delivery excellence in meeting the needs of  clients in E-commerce, hospitality, automotive, engineering, healthcare, banking and financial services, advertising, marketing and insurance. Document types include payroll forms, market research forms, order forms, bankers’ checks, insurance claims, credit card application forms, health claim forms, to name a few. As you can hopefully see, we are a highly professional data processing service provider. If you outsource your data processing requirements to SBL’s experts today, you will immediately benefit from our fast, high-quality, scalable services and solutions.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Master data management services
  • Forms processing services
  • Order processing services
  • Image processing services
  • Metadata tagging services
  • Data transformation services
  • Data cleansing services
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Market research forms processing
  • Check processing services
  • Credit card processing services
  • Transaction processing services
  • Survey processing services
  • Data mining text and web mining
  • Human gesture annotation
  • Bounding box services
  • Data deduplication
  • Mailing list compilation services
  • Database creation services
  • Data abstraction services
  • Student loan processing services
  • Tagging and annotation services
  • Image annotation services
  • Purchase order processing services
  • SKU data management services
  • Product information management
  • Data profiling services
  • Data preparation services
  • Merge purge services
  • Data standardization services
  • Customer segmentation services
  • Data harmonization services
  • Metadata management services
  • Video annotation services
  • CRM data cleaning services
  • Data consolidation services
  • Data provisioning services
  • Data monitoring services
  • Data collection services
  • Data lifecycle management services
  • Facebook scraping services
  • Data tabulation and analysis services
  • Data masking services
  • Semantic image segmentation services
  • Web scraping services
  • Data scraping services
  • DMS support services

Key benefits

Why choose SBL's data processing outsourcing

SBL’s Quality Assessment (QA) team conducts multiple quality checks on a project to ensure that all Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines are followed. That accuracy levels are maintained at all times, allowing you to get closer to your expansion or growth goals or resolve internal data discrepancies. Data specialists working out of world-class offices drive efficiency and precision, allowing them to provide highly reliable and accurate data processing outsourcing services. 

Managing large amounts of data requires a lot of time, money, and resources. Outsourcing data processing services to SBL will relieve you of that burden by allowing us to handle that time-consuming task on your behalf as your offshore partner. SBL’s highly dedicated team also supports you in  performing  complex statistical analysis tasks and assists you in gathering critical information about your company, customers, competitors, and stakeholders. 

We use our scanning facilities to digitize your data if it is in print format (images and text documents). These are then manually checked for errors, and a proofreading team will go over them again to make sure there are no mistakes.

How to get started with us!

Outsource professional data processing services to SBL Corp to experience speedy and impressive growth!

With a team of skilled data experts and project managers, we can deliver the best data processing services for modern data operations. We strive to meet your specific business needs by offering scalable and customizable services that maximize ROI.

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