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Data management services & solutions

The modern business world handles huge volumes of data and faces the ever-increasing challenge of implementing efficient data management strategies that optimize data entry and processing. This is vital for an organisation’s ability to leverage accurate data mining techniques at scale. In-house data management can often prove challenging for a number of reasons. These include process complexities, the need for specialist talent, and the levels of investment required in terms of cost, time and other resources. SBL provides value-driven data management services & solutions that help organisations structure their unstructured data, improve the overall data quality, accuracy and completeness, and handle all ongoing data-related operations such as maintenance, updates, file format conversion, and dissemination. Our end-to-end data management services are designed to manage the complete life cycle of an organisation’s data. We cover all activities from data collection to error correction, elimination of duplicates, data integration, data storage, and data security. Overseen by one of our project managers, we help our clients transform their unstructured data into modern databases. This allows them to capitalise on more precise business analytics and thereby optimise their business operations. Our data specialists have long-standing exposure to diverse domains: they will always deliver reliable, safe, and high-quality data management services. The teams have experience across numerous industries such as retail, E-commerce, government, infrastructure, logistics and transportation, and many more. As you can hopefully see, we are a highly professional data management service provider. If you outsource your data management requirements to SBL’s experts today, you will immediately benefit from our fast, high-quality, scalable services and solutions.

Data Management services & solutions we offer

SBL’s data management services

We offer holistic data management services that help organisations to collect, clean, standardise, analyse, and transform data of any type and size into usable information. With a specialised workforce and world-class processes, we deliver a wide range of global data management services. These include data cleansing, data integration, data analytics, data governance, data architecture, data storage, and master data management.  Our data management solutions guarantee high availability and accessibility of the data and assist in repurposing any business data in line with the applicable compliance requirements such as GDPR.

Our teams of data management consultants, data engineers, solution architects etc come with extensive exposure to advanced data management tools. Examples include Oracle, SQL server, Python, Java, AWS, and Google cloud. We deploy advanced technologies and data security practices to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our clients’ data. Through precise data warehousing and reporting, our data centre managed services help our clients maximize the value of their business data and reshape their business processes using the appropriate analytics.


Why use SBL’s data management services?

We deliver customised and result-oriented data management solutions and ensure data consistency across business intelligence systems. Our processes adhere to the data standards of quality, completeness, accuracy, accessibility, and auditability to improve operational efficiency and maintain a high-performance database. Further, we strictly follow our Service Level Agreements which define the quality metrics, turnaround time and other relevant performance indicators.

Our team works to consolidate data from disparate data sources and design storage solutions to meet the requirements of data of varying scale and complexity. This enables us to efficiently meet the data management needs of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Apart from round the clock support, we also offer a flexible pricing model with four different options based on your business needs. Our dedicated account managers interact with you at all stages of the project and ensure a seamless communication throughout. Besides, we also offer a dedicated group forum for project-related discussions which guarantees complete transparency and uninterrupted information flow.

How to get started

Our best-in-class data management services provide instant access to reliable and high-quality data and meet all your evolving database management needs for the extra competitive edge. The size of our team means that we are able to initiate and mobilise quickly.

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