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Data entry for healthcare

Data entry outsourcing services

SBL’s data entry outsourcing services provide highly calculated and precise conversion of written documents to digital data and transform one type of electronic data into another. We believe that our detailed and accurate data output can offer enterprises an advantage in their decision-making processes and competitive response. At SBL, we understand that data entry is a critical component of data management and follow an extremely comprehensive process. Where an electronic version does not already exist, we typically ask our clients to scan the relevant documents and upload them to a secure online server. We also offer scanning services if required. Employees of SBL download/access the files and compare them to a pre-approved ‘Scope of Work’ document. The documents are then keyed in a predetermined method and double-checked for errors and duplicates. The data is then indexed, sorted, and moved to a pre-agreed folder structure for easier retrievability. Our data entry specialists ensure error-free deliverables by performing quality checks before delivery to ensure accuracy. We use the most reliable data entry software, which allows you to replace inefficient and costly manual data entry processes with powerful tools that you can access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It employs one of the following four technologies: OCR (Optical Character Recognition),OMR (Optical Mark Recognition),  ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), and BCR (Basic Character Recognition) are acronyms for optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, and optical mark recognition (Barcode Recognition). Our wide range of data entry outsourcing services are supported by the latest data entry tools which include Covve, PhraseExpander, Forms On Fire, Jotform, Lucy, UiPath, Typeform and Wufoo, and MS Excel. As you can hopefully see, we are a highly professional data entry service provider. If you outsource your data entry requirements to SBL’s experts today, you will immediately benefit from our fast, high-quality, scalable services and solutions.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Data annotation services  
  • Online data entry services  
  • Offline data entry services  
  • Directory services  
  • Real estate appraisals data entry  
  • Geotagging data entry services  
  • Data entry for business cards 
  • Food nutrition scale data entry services  
  • Image data entry services  
  • Ebook data entry services 
  • Document data entry services  
  • Data capture services  
  • Data extraction services  
  • Document management systems  
  • Data entry from dictionaries/ manuals  
  • Copy paste services  
  • Database development & migration 
  • Data enrichment services  
  • Offshore data entry services  
  • Catalogue data entry services 
  • Data entry mailing list services  
  • Company reports data entry services  
  • Questionnaire data entry services  
  • Data entry of business surveys  
  • Invoice forms data entry  
  • Internet data input services  
  • Database data entry services 
  • Data entry for restaurant menus
  • Product registration data entry  
  • Insurance claims data entry  
  • Data entry from enrollment forms  
  • Text & numeric data entry  
  • Classifieds data entry services  
  • Legal documents data entry  
  • Data entry of printed content
  • MySQL database data entry services  
  • Data entry from telephone directories  
  • Website data entry services  
  • Translingual data entry services  
  • Multilingual invoice data entry  
  • Biological species database creation  
  • QuickBooks data entry services  
  • CRM data entry services  
  • Digital transaction processing services  
  • Survey forms processing services  
  • CRM database management services  
  • Catalogue building and indexing 
  • ERP data entry services  
  • SKU data entry services  
  • Data appending services  
  • Email appending services  
  • Real estate data management 
  • Digital asset management services  
  • Data licensing services  
  • Healthcare data mining services  
  • Data entry of handwritten content  
  • CRM data mining services  
  • Banking data entry services  
  • Image search services  
  • Typing services  
  • Medical image annotation & tagging 
  • Remote data entry services

Why choose SBL's data entry outsourcing services?

SBL is a reliable data entry firm that provides scalable and advanced data entry services at an affordable price, entitling you to focus on your core business activities. Our skilled and professional data entry specialists  make it easy to deliver results quickly and accurately. Along with industry experts, we also operate with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies to recognize characters and text from scanned documents, digital images, etc. and ensure conversion into an editable format. We function with high-speed connectivity lines from multiple service providers to ensure a seamless flow of data 24/7, making it easy for your internal team to be in touch with SBLs for a smooth flow of information.. SBL’s quality assurance (QA) team runs numerous quality checks to ensure that all data entry projects meet the client’s expected quality standards and optimum accuracy level.

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