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Managing volumes of information in various formats accrued over the period of the organization’s functioning is a major concern demanding attention of organizations. SBL’s Digital Archival Management System(DAMS) provides a web based/kiosk platform that helps you in architecting the perfect solution for streamlining and managing these artifacts. DAMS offer greater control over critical documents with advanced security features. DAMS also provide high performance search functions and an interactive document viewer.


  • Suitable for Government, Public, and Corporate sectors
  • Provides fully customizable application modules
  • Supports management and maintenance of custom metadata contents of various types of digital archives
  • Provides a highly intuitive UI for associated modules.
  • Document Viewer
    • Provides several view options
    • Supports various digital formats
    • Supports selective zooming of a digital document.
    • Provides a retrieval interface with authorization.
  • Search Function
    • Supports multi-language search with phonetic transliteration
    • Keyboard based input supporting various languages.
    • Simultaneous search across different digital archive types
    • Category wise search across digital archives.
  • Security Feature
    • Supports advanced features for document protection
    • Supports Public/Member/Role-based security for archives.


  • A Centralized platform for the administration of digital archives and associated data.
  • Multi-lingual support can benefit organizations across the globe.
  • Quick and easy search functions that enable simultaneous search across different types of digital archives.

About SBL

SBL Corp offers a broad range of IT solutions to a large number of global clients across industries. We specialize in the design and development of commercial grade software in an attempt to solve real life challenges facing the fast paced IT industry. We deliver world class smart solutions that increase performance and decrease the total cost of technology operations.