Digital Archival Management System (DAMS)

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Digital Archival
Management System

With fast proliferation of digital communication and the ease and pace of its dissemination, has set forth an escalating challenge of long-term record management and handling of this enormous electronic data by various stakeholders as per their need. Modern business requires organizations to handle loads of information digitally which results in a massive volume of files being accumulated over the period of the organization’s functioning. The problem is even further aggravated as the digital data is fragile as it is prone to corruption, can be modified beyond recovery, with its storage channels having a restricted life duration, and it has accessibility technology and proprietary environment issues. Digital archival technology is an ideal tool for managing electronic documents and helps resolve all these associated issues. SBL’s digital archival management system (DAMS) is a web-based platform that helps streamline, manage, catalogues, and stores information in a variety of digital formats and object types and offers greater control over your critical business documents on a long-term basis.

We specialize in enterprise-level document management and archival of business-critical data and have a long list of satisfied clienteles including government bodies and international organizations. DAMS helps to scan, digitize, and preserve a wide range of media assets including – documents, books, journals, manuscripts, periodicals, monographs, fragile papers, literature, microfilms, microfiche, drawings, data, images, ftp, multimedia, audio, video, and technical and scientific information such as research findings, patents, satellite imagery and maps, databases, legal, fiscal, historical, biological sequence data, medical records, and patents. and store them in a centralized repository. With a highly intuitive web-based search and retrieval system, we offer facilities such as multilingual search, auto-complete and auto-suggest, and phonetic transliteration. DAMS also come with unparalleled security features for document protection and security with role-based security for archives guaranteeing protection of even highly sensitive documents.

Key features of Digital Archival Management
System (DAMS)

  • Web / KIOSK application
  • Fully customizable modules
  • Management and maintenance of custom metadata contents of various types of digital archives
  • Centralized administration of digital archives and associated data
  • Multilingual support
  • Supports all popular digital formats including jpg, tiff, pdf, png, etc.
  • Retrieval interface with selection and authorization
  • Multilanguage search facility and filtering of data
  • Phonetic transliteration and keyboard-based inputs supporting various languages
  • A high-performance search capability on metadata of archives
  • Digital impression/verification code marked on documents for identification of the source

Application for DAMS

  • Government bodies
  • Corporate sector
  • Authors and publication houses
  • Research and educational Institutes
  • Libraries, museums or archives any organization dealing with a huge volume of data

Key benefits of DAMS

  • A highly intuitive user interface for associate modules
  • Offers complete data security for critical business information
  • Quick and effortless access to the right information
  • Improved workflow and stakeholder collaboration
  • Improves compliance adherence
  • Better data backup and reduced information loss due to disaster
  • Eliminates paper usage and saves cost

How to get started

SBL’s DAMS is the best choice for organizations looking for an integrated archival solution that can simplify enterprise-wide document management in a cost-effective manner.

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