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With modern-day trade enterprises rapidly expanding their multinational presence across the globe, the geographical constraints of old have been rendered largely redundant. Consequently, organisations find themselves in a seemingly endless quest to identify innovative and best-fit solutions to streamline and manage their international trade operations competently, thereby catering to their expanding global consumer base and its varying demands. We believe our customs brokerage outsourcing services are part of the solution.

In addition, the process complexities and changing dynamics associated with international trade make it extremely difficult for organisations to regularly stay abreast of, and then adhere to, the mandates of ever-changing international trade regulations and security protocols. By drawing on expert customs brokerage service providers like SBL, businesses can introduce resilient and dynamic supply chain operations that facilitate timely deliveries across wide-ranging geographical territories through a seamless clearance process management system. SBL’s customs brokerage services ensure fast and hassle-free clearances, optimized fleet routes and efficient inventory management so as to drive and improve the overall productivity of your business.

We support international trade operations for a wide range of businesses including freight forwarders, importers, exporters, shipping lines, etc by offering an end-to-end workflow that includes all the requisite documentation assistance. Our management services help reduce the process-related risks and delays often common to international trade and, in turn, increase the supply chain efficiencies in a cost-effective manner. We ensure a streamlined and customized process for our clients that helps them to reduce unnecessary penalties, minimize freight duties, and adhere to country specific trade compliance at all times.

Types of customs brokerage services

SBL’s customs brokerage services

Our comprehensive customs brokerage services cover the end-to-end requirements of organizations involved in international trade. These include Pars entry, B3 form building, Nafta verification, pre-shipment inspection, and many more. We simplify even the most complex procedures and ensure a smooth movement of consignments by helping you steer clear of the pitfalls within what can otherwise be a demanding and time-consuming customs clearance process. Our documentation support for export and import clearance also includes electronic filing of the necessary security declarations. 

With a longstanding and comprehensive domain expertise in international trade, our custom brokerage specialists provide fast delivery and accurate invoice processing by identifying and clearing potential bottlenecks and improving visibility. We also assist in calculating custom duties and taxes for our clients, help process declarations, prepare documentation, and consequently help to eliminate the usual delays. Our team has in-depth expertise in handling various types of clearances including DTA clearance, warehouse clearance, EOU clearance, and re-import or re-export clearance.

Why use SBL’s customs brokerage outsourcing

Our technology-backed processes help our clients navigate the intricacies of remote filing, trade penalties, intellectual property rights, and other regulations.  We help evaluate and review your internal processes to identify the risk areas, optimize the control mechanisms, maximize your internal compliances, and help you manage the smooth and uninterrupted deliveries and trade activities of your business. Our team help you to identify and eliminate the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your clearance documentation, including the electronic document and form filing for rapid clearance and real-time visibility.

Under our ISO27001 certification we follow stringent data security and compliance measures to ensure the complete confidentiality and safety of your business data. Our customs brokerage support team works round the clock and offers prompt responses and quick issue resolution for all your queries. With our unmatched domain expertise, we help expedite custom clearances and are well-equipped to resolve any contingencies that might arise in the process of import and export activity.

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