Our History

Founded in 2005 by Gopakumar Pillai, SBL Knowledge Services Limited is one the fastest growing and most sought-after knowledge organizations in India. Our dedicated workforce of over 1000 people caters to customers in 10 industry verticals. Our expertise lies in Geospatial Science, Smart Technology Solutions, Virtual Reality, and Business Transformation Services. Over the years, we have provided cost-effective and ingenious solutions to over 200 customers, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and have successfully executed more than 800 projects globally. With 99.1% projects delivered within the budget and deadline, we have been able to make a distinct mark for ourselves in the evolving and booming IT ecosystem. Today, we enjoy 98% customer retention and execute 70 projects annually, on an average. Our smart solutions have helped us expand our footprint in the US, UK, and the Middle East. Our offerings help enterprises in the private and Government sectors optimize technology, enhance productivity, mitigate business risks, and maximize ROI.


“To become a global knowledge organization where people are at their creative best, trust is upheld in relationships, thought is consistently focused on technology innovation.”

Our strategy is to build long-term values through disciplined efforts which will remain valuable in the years to come. We aim to empower and support our customers in every way. With integrity and honesty, we foster enduring relationships with our clients.



Integrity for us is about being transparent, honest and ethical in conducting our business. We follow strict adherence to processes and standards, and are committed to walk the talk. Integrity leads to reliability, flexibility and trust.


At SBL each one of us is committed to building competency and reliability which is integral to building trust. Trust is fostered in all relationships based on mutual respect and delivering on commitments.


For us accountability is about taking responsibility, ownership and being transparent about the outcome. One leads oneself as well as others when assuming accountability.


We believe that out-of-the-box, creative and forward thinking are the key to providing unique and world class solutions, giving the customer excellence at all times.

Team Work

An environment where people are respected and empowered, weaknesses addressed, roles are clearly defined, and each member is working towards a common goal where functional synergy is achieved is what team work means to us.


Leadership at SBL exists at every level and it demands integrity, strength to be the change, self- initiation and ability to convert obstacles into opportunity.