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Contingent workforce solutions for AEC

Contingent workforce

SBL’s contingent workforce solutions (CWS) provide contractual labour solutions to companies so that they can successfully have the quality talent on demand without having them on their direct payroll and save on the associated labour costs. We employ our experienced expertise and competent recruitment resources to give you the contingent workforce in the form of freelancers, contractors, casual earners and temporary workers to match your particular requirements at an affordable cost, whether it’s short-term or long-term. With temporary employees ready to work for you, we can handle the entire end-to-end recruitment process, including skills testing, screening, and qualifying.

We can also pre-qualify and shortlist qualified people for you to interview and choose from. Our contingent workforce solutions help you to fill your internal the critical skill gaps, enhance human resource capabilities, increase responsiveness for immediate qualified talent needs and flexibility to upscale as well as downscale workforce based on headcount spend controls.

Why choose SBL's contingent workforce solutions?

With SBL’s contingent workforce solutions, you will witness that the onboarding procedure of temporary workers has a shorter lead time and is more efficient, saving a lot of time for the internal or permanent staff to work on the core operations. With us as your partner, you merely have to interview the appropriate talent and rest of the backend processes of performing a web search, contacting reputable staffing firms, negotiating rates, and hiring the appropriate contingent labour lies with us. 

SBL’s contingent workforce provides greater financial flexibility to suit your budget. SBL also considers the urgency you require for a project or a task and hence acts accordingly and provides you with a list of options in a short turnaround time. All prospective candidates are background checked for authenticity and security purposes. With our strong team of technical experts, research analysts, transition managers, and process specialists, we also guarantee that high-quality and efficient services are provided quickly.

How to get started

SBL’s contingent workforce committed service is one of the most critical strategies to future-proof your staff against market instability. It’s time to tap into contingent labour if you want to match your company with the shifting dynamics of the workforce in today’s tech-driven environment. 

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