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Civil engineering services for surveying

Civil engineering
modelling services

SBL offers the most agile and professional civil engineering modelling services to construction companies, developers, and architectural design firms and businesses of diverse industries worldwide. When you outsource SBL’s civil engineering services to SBL, you gain access to specialist knowledge for your critical construction project from  our skilled civil engineers with in-depth knowledge of international standards and best practices. With proficiency in the most advanced software and hardware such as Autodesk suite, MicroStation, etc., our engineering team have successfully delivered several mission-critical projects. 

In addition, with a commitment to delivering best quality in the quickest possible turnaround time, SBL offers a wide range of civil engineering services, such as 3D modelling, CAD drawing, land development design, BIM modelling, MEP and HVAC design, and generic project management support.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Residential drainage design services
  • Construction material testing services
  • Paper to CAD conversion services
  • Construction drawing services
  • HVAC services
  • MEP design & drafting services
  • Remote drafting services
  • Public health engineering design services
  • Land surveying services
  • Outsource geospatial services
  • Planimetric mapping services
  • Topographic mapping services
  • Photogrammetric services
  • Digital elevation modelling
  • Terrain modelling
  • LiDAR mapping services
  • GIS surveying services
  • Cadastral mapping services
  • Drainage design services
  • 3D coordination services
  • Civil information modelling services
  • Virtual construction services
  • Construction scheduling and tracking services
  • 5D simulation services
  • 4D simulation services
  • Structural inspection services
  • Contractor support services
  • Construction quality assurance services
  • Construction inspection services
  • Traffic engineering services
  • Geothermal engineering services
  • Digital twin implementation services
  • Plumbing design services

Why choose SBL’s civil engineering modelling services?

Outsource your civil engineering modelling services to SBL for gaining access to the latest infrastructure and agile engineering tools and technologies. Our reliability and expertise include end-to-end development support on all aspects of construction and software & hardware utility. Moreover, our global experiences and ISO processes provide consistent and high-quality results at extremely affordable rates. Along with quick TAT and 24by7 support, we take full responsibility for optimum data security and the employment of scalable solutions to fulfil your specific business needs.

How to get started

As a leading outsourcing company that provides civil engineering services, SBL offers. optimised, high-quality, accurate, and cost-effective civil engineering services.

Are you looking for expert assistance for civil engineering services at an affordable price? Talk to our experts now and attain the best civil engineering services.

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