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CCTV monitoring services for retail

CCTV monitoring
outsourcing services

SBL’s CCTV monitoring outsourcing services offer robust security solutions for commercial properties, business locations and construction sites so that they do not need the hiring of additional security staff for round the clock surveillance. With our remote CCTV monitoring services through the network of CCTV systems, you can stay assured of 24/7 security. Our affordable CCTV monitoring services are managed by highly skilled and trained security personnel. 

We offer high-quality, technologically advanced, affordable business CCTV monitoring services to address your security requirement. Security Eye, ManyCam, Xeoma, YouCam, Netcam Studio, Blue Iris, Anycam and ZoneMinder are some of the software we offer for you to access live camera movement visuals on your electronic devices.

Our team of experts can provide real-time video surveillance, handle threats, identify and follow intruders, inform authorities, and sound alarms through our advanced CCTV monitoring systems. SBL’s monitoring service also includes regular facility testing to ensure that clients receive the desired level of surveillance. Light conditions, camera operations, remote panning and zooming capabilities, audio stories, network signalling strength, volumetric, motion, and other detection devices are all taken into account for the monitoring services . 

Our monitoring software can be integrated with onsite access control, perimeter alarm systems, and body-worn video cameras for onsite inspections. 

For optimal surveillance robustness, network bandwidth utilisation, and cost-efficiency, our experts employ both centralised and decentralised IP camera technology. SBL’s services also allow you to link surveillance systems to other software solutions for personal identification, call tree applications, crisis management, and more, depending on your needs. 

SBL also provides security through its CCTV monitoring services in segregated spaces like banks & ATMs, private residences, mobile towers, warehouses, vacant properties, factories, commercial assets, and schools.

Our comprehensive range of remote CCTV monitoring services

  • Call quality analytics services
  • Audio monitoring services
  • Video monitoring services
  • CCTV monitoring services
  • Call quality monitoring services
  • AI monitoring support
  • Text monitoring services
  • Call auditing services
  • Voice broadcasting services
  • Content monitoring support services
  • Customer intelligence services
  • Remote video monitoring services

Why choose SBL’s CCTV monitoring outsourcing

SBL’s security surveillance assists you in identifying and correcting security setup flaws. In addition, we provide enhanced protection for your secure environment by providing real-time remote CCTV video monitoring and intrusion alerts. SBL is a certified company. As a result, we can keep your business documents safe from unexpected interruptions. 

Our remote CCTV monitoring services ensure that your sites are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, assuring security and safety. The actions and performance of the employee operational team are overseen by the head of our CCTV monitoring team. 

We can give you very effective dashboards and real-time notifications by phone, email, and text messaging to sustain the performance level; they conduct periodic and collect regular feedback. The cost of our CCTV remote monitoring services is determined by a customisable model that considers the number of monitoring hours, the number of operators, site coverage, geographic location, and other considerations. 

Our services can be adjusted up or down when the client’s needs change. We can change our services anytime to meet your expanding business requirements.

How to get started

You can rely on our professionalism and efficacy while having access to information and status updates at any time. In addition, you can gain immediate comfort that your site and your possessions are being properly monitored to the full extent of your agreement with us by contacting us by phone or email or by connecting via the Internet.

Learn more about how SBL’s CCTV monitoring service can provide you with increased security at lower costs, with solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. 

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