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Call centre services for E-commerce

Call center outsourcing

By utilising our call center outsourcing services, businesses gain a range of benefits including scalable operating capacity, reduced hiring cots, minimized overhead expenses and infrastructure investments. At SBL, we are passionate to address your call center requirements and deliver sustainable value through smart, agile, and resilient business processes that optimize your operations and drive growth. We operate with more than 1500 professionals across state-of-the-art delivery centers to deliver excellence in customer-centric call center support. Our well-trained teams strive to provide superior experiences, increase efficiency and ensure better business outcomes for global clients.

Our 24/7 multi-channel call centers are equipped to efficiently meet the customer service needs of businesses from diverse industries. These include E-commerce, mining, infrastructure, government, transportation, and logistics etc. With our value-added call center solutions, we transform business operations and introduce disruptive process innovation that improve organizational performance. This approach helps to establish a future-ready business model to meet the dynamic business challenges of the digital age. Our professional call center agents smoothly handle both inbound and outbound calls with a personalized touch for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive range of call center services

SBL’s multichannel and scalable call center services

We work round-the-clock to reshape your business with intelligent operations that guarantee business sustainability through innovative and resilient operating models. By augmenting our client’s processes with multidisciplinary teams and innovative automation, we minimize service disruption and ensure uninterrupted customer service for building brand loyalty. 

Our call center agents resolve customer queries in the shortest possible time and are dedicated to delivering high-quality service with a consistent emphasis on exceeding customer expectations. We ensure phenomenal customer service through inbound call center services that deliver insightful and quick responses over a variety of channels including voice call, email support, live chat, and social media response. Besides, our outbound call center services offer a customer-focused approach to complement your marketing efforts, provide information-rich assistance to the customers and answer all their queries to ensure maximum conversions. 

Why choose SBL’s call center outsourcing services?

We transform businesses with a flexible operational model designed to efficiently meet the unique business and customer needs and deliver personalized touch across all interactions.

Leveraging on long standing exposure to diverse industries, our knowledgeable customer support agents work as an extension of your business to resolve diverse business complexities and provide intelligent assistance for all customer issues.

At SBL, we record all incoming and outgoing calls to strictly monitor the performance of our agents and provide you with reliable metrics on the quality of the calls and the business impact. Our call centers are available 24/7 to provide the best customer experience, anytime. From resolving complex issues to answering simple customer calls, our agents work round the clock without any constraints of time zone differences.

How to get started

Outsource call center services for best business outcomes

As a leading call center service provider, we strive to provide the best customer service for your business and enhance your brand reputation. We offer customizable call center services for small businesses, medium sized businesses, and large enterprises to maximize the ROI.

Contact us today for a consultation on our industry-acclaimed call center services and see what we can accomplish together.

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SBL case studies


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