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Call centre consulting for banking & finance

Call center consulting
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SBL’s call center consulting services help to unlock the growth potential of your call center by promoting and improving its efficiency and innovation by leveraging agile call center automation technology. Our BPO call center consultants help optimise your overall call center efforts, help attain greater productivity while minimising the overall risks associated with its implementation or its digital transformation and accelerating its growth trajectory. 

Our consulting services cover extended call centers, i.e., contact centers, including multiple communication channels through phone, social media, live chat, etc. These services include business and solutions evaluations, business roadmap design, customer profile assessment, technical knowledge analysis, and tailor-made custom consulting.

Your dedicated consultant will efficiently help evaluate, plan, transition and manage the business processes, digital asset management, regular business reporting, technical review, and custom consulting of contact center platforms for better output. Our digital contact center transformation technologies include superior, robust, and contemporary cloud-based business scalable solutions that help our clients predict risks through their contact center operations and improve their customer engagement and experience. 
We provide consultation to align your company with your business goals. In addition, we prepare an innovative and intelligent amalgamation of tools, technologies, and models, so your business becomes adaptable for all types of collaborations worldwide. Data collection, observation, and review are part of our call center consulting service, as well as real-time advice and guidance and a documented action plan with prioritised recommendations.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Business continuity planning services
  • BPaaS
  • Insurance telemarketing services
  • Cloud contact center
  • Contact center modernisation 
  • Contact center transformation 

Why choose SBL's call center consulting services?

With deep industry experience, SBL is proficient in providing sustainable call center consulting services. We assist various global clients in developing a resilient action plan to revamp their call center operations, processes and services. Our team of consultants strives to deliver you the most suitable services and solutions in a highly cost-effective manner while providing them through qualified agents. We follow six-sigma methodologies to optimise the level of productivity and minimise wastage. 

So, if you outsource call center consulting services to SBL, you will gain the best consultation to develop your facilities including support on constant process and service improvement, its design, assessment, measurement and reporting. Our services are always available to our clients through our 24/7 support services. Our team of agents provide prompt responses to the queries generated. We have the necessary resources to scale up our services if demand increases. Together we can help you expand your business and increase your brand’s value without hiring new people or setting up new infrastructure.

How to get started

SBL’s call center business consulting process is designed for full life-cycle support.We provide strategic custom-design hybrid solutions that suit requirements of contact centers of all sizes . 


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