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Business transcription service for retail

Business transcription

SBL’s business transcription services cater to the needs of executives who may not have the time to transcribe the minutes of their meetings, seminars, interviews, conferences, or brainstorming sessions in a documentation format. Remembering every detail of a discussion is nearly impossible, however the process of recording the proceedings will help to avoid unnecessary disputes and controversies. Furthermore, hiring office assistants to do the job will be an expensive affair. Instead, you can outsource your transcription requirements to SBL and enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing and delivery within the time mentioned. 

Our transcription services include transcription for various proceedings, such as interviews, conferences, teleconferences, conference calls, general correspondence, focus groups, investor & analyst conference calls, annual general meetings, HR-related meetings, board meetings, webcasts and other such operational gatherings and communications. You can send us the audio files of your meetings, conferences, and other events that require transcription, and we will send you the completed files by the agreed deadline. SBL has a team of expert multilingual transcribers with proficiency in business, medical, legal, insurance, and more. Furthermore, we can deliver overnight. Our transcription services are for any business, be it small or large companies; we are unbeatable in terms of quality, accuracy, and cost.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Business transcription 
  • Verbatim transcription 
  • General correspondence transcription 
  • Corporate transcription 
  • Investor & analyst conference call transcription
  • Annual general meetings 
  • Conference transcription 
  • Interview transcription 
  • Conference call transcription 
  • Focus group transcription 
  • Earnings conference call transcription 
  • Teleconference transcription 
  • Panel discussion transcription 
  • Market research 
  • Financial transcription 
  • Webcast transcription 
  • Webinar transcription 
  • Press conference transcription 
  • Surveillance recordings transcription 
  • Board meeting transcription 
  • Business meeting transcription 
  • Real-time transcription services
  • Minutes of meeting transcription 

Why choose SBL's business transcription
outsourcing services?

As a corporation, documentation is essential for storing all the necessary details discussed in key meetings. SBL can effortlessly help you in documentation of the key takeaways and decisions made at these key meetings. SBL can transcribe all conversations and discussions related to’ strategy, legal, financial, and marketing discussions within the organisations. Our transcription team consists of multilingual transcribers with expertise in different languages, enabling us to cater to global clients. SBL’s transcribers have vast experience in accurately transcribing recordings with multiple distortions and accents. High priority is given to data security and ensures that only authorised personnel have access to clients’ files. We also sign confidentiality agreements to ensure legal compliance and further maintain a backup of the complete source files along with final transcripts for retrieving data easily in case of any data loss. Our transcribers are familiar with the terms and jargon used by business corporations. All the transcribers are experienced in their respective fields and can handle large volumes of work without compromising on quality. SBL has multiple delivery centres in different countries that enable us to complete and deliver projects in short time frames. We also  offer a flexible pricing structure specially designed to suit the budgets of different clients.

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