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Business research services for telecommunications

Business research

SBL’s offers high quality business research services backed by our several years of rich research industry experience through a team of top research and data analysis experts and dedicated resources that help you to optimise and make gains in your overall business operations. As you choose to outsource business research service to us, you can expect to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) while also getting information on the competition, identifying market trends, sourcing information on the target market and identifying strategies for improvement. 

Our services also include social media monitoring, perceptual mapping, trend analysis, company profiling, competitive business analysis, competitor analysis, business plans, business development support, industry profiling services, business intelligence dashboard visualisation, benchmarking services, performance benchmarking services, IT benchmarking services, healthcare benchmarking services, data benchmarking services, cross tabulation analysis services, integrated business planning services and benchmarking analytics services. Before you enter an industry, our research analysts will conduct a thorough competitor analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, and other analyses to ensure your venture’s success. SBL’s market research also helps you identify potential markets in the field and develop a strong strategy for approaching those markets, taking into account your target audience’s needs and desires as well as current competitor offerings. Our experts use techniques like SWOT and PESTEL analysis to figure out where your best opportunities are and what changes you can and should make to outperform the competition.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Competitor benchmarking services
  • Business benchmarking services
  • Primary and secondary research services
  • Custom research reports
  • Media research
  • Business market research
  • Social media monitoring
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Trend analysis
  • Company profiling
  • Competitive business analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business plans
  • Business development support
  • Industry profiling services
  • Business intelligence dashboard visualisation
  • Benchmarking services
  • Performance benchmarking services
  • IT benchmarking services
  • Healthcare benchmarking services
  • Data benchmarking services
  • Cross tabulation analysis services
  • Integrated business planning services
  • Benchmarking analytics services

Why choose SBL’s business research outsourcing

We offer a comprehensive range of accurate and precise qualitative and quantitative research solutions in a time bound and cost effective manner. Our research analysts have years of experience and are experts in their fields which is why they successfully provide effective solutions through their research and analysis techniques for your business. We make every effort to complete a project within the deadline. You key data is secured , as only authorised personnel have access to project files, and we adhere to strict data confidentiality protocols.

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