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Business analytics services for E-commerce

Business analytics

SBL offers business analytics services for extracting valuable data insights, trends and information through the usage of next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things (IoT) so that organisations can gain access to leading edge predictive capabilities for gaining business excellence. Several analytical tools and techniques are deployed consistently for data analysis, so that you can   uncover, forecast, represent, model and handle data promptly, effortlessly and consistently for refined decision making and superlative insights. Data scientists and analytics experts at SBL take the product, processes, systems, stakeholders, vision, growth idea, company ideology and current financial model into account ahead of any meticulous interpretation of the business analysis process.

Partnering with SBL will open you to a talented team of experts who ensure that business owners can manage their data and derive the needed information in the form of information dashboards and analysis reports leveraged for uninhibited business growth. SBL helps its customers understand and identify the real-time analytics, market intelligence,key trends and scopes through its data mining efforts adjusting to the customer’s requirements for governance, compliance and risks analysis. We are here to assist you in adopting a foresight-based analysis to recognise risks and evaluate risk mitigation strategies. SBL focuses on understanding risks as the first step to mitigating unprecedented events. SBL experts can assist you in utilising the power of CSAT surveys to find valuable customer-centric information, understand your customers’ needs and desires, and modify your product and marketing strategies following their needs and the market environment.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Risk analytics services
  • Visual analytics
  • Survey analytics
  • Contact centre analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Predictive intelligence analysis
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Collections analytics
  • Retail analytics services
  • BPM analytics services
  • Operational analytics services

Why choose SBL's business analytics outsourcing

You can anticipate an increase in revenue and margin, better customer and employee relations, and employee retention when you choose SBL as your business analytics services partner. You can also trust us with the internal information because we have strict confidentiality agreements to guarantee data security. We assure you of an optimised outcome of operational strategies, which will also help in having a closer and more detailed look at the company’s finances. Due to our global presence, we help you expand the scope of your demographics, and markets and your company will be able to provide its services across various markets and industry verticals.

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