Reap the maximum sales during this Christmas shopping season by enhancing the image gallery of your online store. Learn some quick and effective Christmas photo editing techniques to give a Christmas touch to your product images.

Holiday seasons are about to begin. Christmas is around the corner and it’s shopping time everywhere. People are busy searching for the best stores to buy Christmas goodies and presents. Do not miss the shopping season. Make the most out of it by doing a few simple Christmas photo editing works on your product photos using the best Christmas photo editors. 

Tips for Christmas photo editing

There are many photo editing software available to create the Christmas effect in your photos. However, your search ends here, because the techniques we have mentioned below can be done easily using Adobe Photoshop for the perfect Christmas image editing. 

1.Create a realistic snow effect

Try adding snow to the background of your images. It would look perfect for Christmas. You can get this effect by using the Real Snow Photoshop Action. It has ten colour options to create an added effect. Further, it also allows you to add more snow and sharpen the background.

2.Add the effect of a knitted sweater

This can infuse a Christmas feel throughout the photos. Further, you can easily create a Christmas jumper effect with a realistic look using the I Love Sweaters template in Photoshop. Moreover, this template can be applied to both images and text. When you apply it to the text, you can also experiment with the font and colour. Try a thick font and nice red colour to get the Christmas effect using an Xmas photo editor.

3.Add sparklers to your photos

 Capture the fun of the festive season by adding sparklers to your images. This can completely transform the photos and attract more clicks. Use the Sparklers Animation in Photoshop to create the desired sparklers effect. Further, there are options to reduce the opacity of the background and enhance the sparkler effect.

4.Give Christmas effect to the text

You can change the text in your online store or modify the title and logo to bring the holiday feel. Further, Photoshop provides the Christmas Text Effects to bring the Christmas look to the Christmas frame.  The software offers you five PSD files that are fully layered to choose from and create Xmas photos that are perfect.

5.Sprinkle the photos with snowflakes 

Photoshop comes with many new tools to add snowflakes effect to the photos. One of the popular tools is Celebratum 2. It helps you create snowflakes that are light and have soft-focus effects.  Moreover, this wonderful tool provides 20 colour presets to choose from and create the lovely snowflake effect perfectly in your Christmas photo frame.

6.Add Christmas lights to the photos

Achieve a phenomenal look by adding Christmas photo filter instantly on any object. Use Christmas Lights Photoshop Action with 10 colour presets to get the festive look. However, the method of Christmas edit for photos is quite simple and can be done even by beginners. Just open the image in Photoshop and paint the object on which you want to apply the lights. It transforms the photo instantly and brings in the festive look. 


During the Christmas season, the photos you display in your online store should carry a different tone and have backgrounds that match the occasion. Rather than taking new photos, you can edit your existing images to change the look and feel of the photos in a Christmas tree photo editor.  The above techniques can help you redesign your photos fast and meet the need of the season. 

With the help of photo editing software, images can be enhanced, unwanted objects can be removed, and details can be added. Further, there are many free photo editing programs that offer a variety of features and capabilities. There are also many Christmas photo editor online, but we recommend that you use the services of an established photo editing company for best results.

SBL Corp has been offering exceptional Christmas photo editing services that include background removal, image masking, clipping path, and colour correction. If you wish to outsource your Christmas photo editing requirements, get in touch with our image editing division. We can give you the best services at affordable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the best free photo editor?

Even if you just take the occasional selfie with your cell phone or you have a professional photography studio, you need a program to sort out and edit your photographs so you can find the best ones and make them look better. There is no doubt that camera innovations are advancing at an extremely fast rate in the current time. Compared to only a few years ago, smart phones have become more sophisticated. In the same way, photo editing software alters photos.  When it comes to the look of your photographs, regardless if you are using an iPhone 7 or a DSLR, you will need to import them into your PC to sort out, select, and edit them. You can use Christmas photo editor app for getting best photos for your Christmas marketing. Most Christmas picture editor allow you to 

apply many filters to your pictures to make them appear as if they were taken during the best time of year.

2.What’s the best photo frame app?

Canva is the best photo frame app for photo editing. It is very versatile. The software is suited for beginners and professionals alike and can be used for business purposes also.  It is  the best photo editor for Christmas effects. If you are looking for Christmas tree photo editing, Canva is the right choice.

3.Which is the best Photo editor?

Adobe Photoshop offers many photo editing tools. The program is among the top photo editing programs on the market. Adobe Photoshop also has preset effects and color corrections that can be applied to a photograph for enhancement purposes.  It is a versatile and highly useful software for Christmas photo editing.