Work status reporting is essential for building accountability within a team. Using the many advanced work status reporting tools you can ensure efficient tracking of the project and improve productivity. Let’s delve into the widely used project status reporting tools in this article.

project status reporting tools

What is project management? And why is work status reporting important in project management?

  • Project management involves planning, controlling, and organizing the resources to achieve specific project goals following the pre-defined scope, cost, and time.
  • For the smooth execution of a project, we need a reporting system in place to keep track of the progress of the project and to update the stakeholders on the performance and accomplishments.
  • A transparent and effective work status reporting in project management helps to provide the right information to the stakeholders at the right time and gain their buy-in for the project.

Work status reporting tools simplify the process of status reporting bringing a centralized and connected reporting system into the workflow. During situations like remote working, work status reporting tools can help to monitor the team activities and performance from a distance and to ensure productivity.

There are several tools to track the status of work and monitor the performance against pre-defined goals. However, there is no one-size-fits-all tool that can be used across all projects. You would have to choose a tool for the project considering its specifics, nature, the team involved, and the complexity levels.

Best work status reporting tools for monitoring the project performance

Project status reporting should encompass all employees including the executives and managers for accurate tracking of the tasks and workflows.

  • Trello – This tool was released in 2011 and is a web-based project collaboration tool with intuitive features that makes status reporting a breeze. Using Trello you can create tasks, assign them to individual users, set deadlines, priority levels for the tasks, and even schedule recurring tasks.
    Trello facilitates communication within the team with its chat facility, discussion boards, announcement, and feedback section. It also allows creating to-do-lists to keep the team focused on the important tasks.
  • Bitrix24– This application offers a complete solution for project management with powerful communication and collaboration features. It comes with a daily planner, event scheduler, and calendars to streamline the workflow. There is a check-in and check-out feature for time management. The team members can generate regular work reports and also track the progress of the project using the Activity Stream.
  • Smartsheet – This SaaS application simplifies project collaboration and management of the work with several innovative features. You can create tasks, assign them to each team member, and set the milestones as well.
    There are also functionalities for prioritizing the tasks and creating to-do-lists. Smartsheet also provides an accurate visualization of the tasks and their progress. It supports waterfall and agile project management techniques.
  • Asana – This application makes the workflows and responsibilities clear and helps the team members track and organize their work efficiently. It is a SaaS model web and mobile application bringing several project management functionalities under one roof.
    Asana provides functionalities to create and assign tasks and communicate about the various tasks among the team members. You can specify deadlines and monitor the progress. There are powerful reporting features and calendars to ensure that each member works within the pre-defined guidelines.
  • Teamwork – It is an intuitive and online software application that helps in efficient work status reporting with its features to create task along with due dates for each team member. The application is completely customizable and provides an integrated calendar and optional kanban boards to ensure that the project stays on track. There is also a highly useful functionality to track issues at all levels of the project and manage the resolutions.

A well-defined status reporting system serves as a foundation for clear communication between the team members, project managers, and stakeholders. The project status reporting tools mentioned above facilitates the process and make monitoring and evaluation of a project easy.