Diversity fosters innovation and helps organizations outperform their competitors. Read on to learn more about the benefits of encouraging supplier diversity in call centers.

Information age has opened up business borders and connects organizations with partners and customers from diverse geographies. As a result many companies are beginning to realize the need for fostering a diverse workforce that can adapt to the challenges involved in dealing with stakeholders from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Diversity in any business model can bring substantial benefits to a call center. With the penetration of social media and the internet in every nook and corner, the consumer segment is growing into a highly informed group that scrutinizes companies based on their core values. Hence, an organization’s commitment to diversity increases the brand value and serves to influence the customer base positively.

What is supplier diversity?

We can define a supplier diversity program as a business plan that is designed to proactively encourage the suppliers from diverse backgrounds to associate with the business. The supplier base can include minority-owned business, veteran-owned business, and women-owned business and so on.

By practicing supplier diversity, a call center can engage with a varied network of suppliers and thereby improve the bottomline.

Why should you encourage supplier diversity in call centers?

Starting from gaining access to diverse talent to serving a diverse set of customers effectively, the benefits are huge.

  • Builds customer loyalty – Today’s consumers are socially-conscious and choose brands that stand for social issues, of which diversity and inclusion are at the top of the list. Supplier diversity in the call center clearly conveys the message of supporting diverse vendors and also helps to serve the customers better. Supplier diversity ensures that the workforce is equipped to handle a varied set of customers successfully. This boosts customer loyalty and thereby increases revenue.
  • Brings fresh ideas to problem-solving – Diversity has proven capability to bring unique approaches for solving problems and arriving at best solutions. A diverse group encourages open discussions and promotes thinking from multiple angles. Problem-solving becomes faster and thereby call centers can attend customer queries in a shorter time. It also sparks out of the box thinking and supports better process optimization.
  • Access to diverse talent – By partnering with a diverse set of suppliers, a call center can have access to a diverse talent base from different countries. They can use strong candidates provided by the suppliers who are well-trained in handling the unique customer issues of geography. The employees come with strategic skill sets to meet the challenges of dealing with customers across the globe.
  • Promotes innovation – In most cases, companies that partner with a diverse supplier base is shown to be the innovator leaders in their respective industries. Call centers can partner with suppliers whose demographics match the diversity of the customer base. This helps the business to align with the customer needs and pain points and move closer to the consumer. Diversity also enables call centers to identify the market trends and adapt quickly so that they can maintain a competitive advantage.

Supplier diversity in call centers offers benefits that go beyond building a socially-conscious brand image. It can support the organization to improve its bottom line by serving its diverse customer base effectively. Diversity also helps to understand the customers better whereby the business can come up with products and solutions that align correctly with the customer needs. By partnering with a supplier base from varied backgrounds, a business also stand to gain from the creativity of heterogeneous groups.
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