Thanks to technological advances, efficient and effective devices and better bandwidths, the landscape of eLearning Solution have constantly been changing not only in just size but also in its scope and reach. However, as it is important to understand the historical growth of the same, looking forward to understanding the future of eLearning is also equally important.

As such, we bring to you a few a trends to reckon in the industry of eLearning;
Mobility is going to change the game: No device has changed the face of the world as much arguably as smartphones have and it is everywhere. From a device to make calls and send texts, mobile phones have grown into mini-computers where everything is possible. This offers an excellent opportunity for eLearning as it makes eLearning all the more mobile and accessible on the go.

Embedded and omnipresent learning options: Another trend to watch in the realm of eLearning is a myriad of embedded options it provides to make eLearning all the more ubiquitous. As eLearning platforms are becoming more universal with excellent multiple and cross-platform capabilities, there is no doubt that it will catapult the already booming sector into the top gear. As more embedded systems become affordable and connected through such initiatives as Internet of Things or IoT, the change is already here.

All about gamification: Luring the candidate through effectively realized gamification concepts and principles can definitely up the wow-factor that many fail to associate with the process of learning. In fact, learning must be an exciting exercise and there is no doubt that gamification can deliver this attribute to the process of eLearning quite convincingly.

Bit-sized, informal learning: Gone are the days when learning is considered highly formal, patterned and huge. Now, it is all about bringing levity and lightheartedness to the learning process to make it all the more appealing and exciting for the children. With eLearning that can be availed in different settings, there is no doubt that every situation is an advantageous one to drive biz-sized learning.

Video will be the next big thing: Whatever be the type of learning you prefer, video just suits it. The ability of videos to encompass everything exciting, colors, audio and multimedia elements makes an exceptional means to drive high quality and receptive learning process. One can be understanding the traits of videos, without any doubt say that video commands the highest reception rates in audience.

While these are the trends to watch for, there is no doubt that there are many in the making.