GIS technology finds application in diverse industry verticals and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is finding increasing use in containing the spread of the pandemic, ensuring public health, and maintaining business continuity.

GIS Mapping

COVID-19 cannot be considered as just a health emergency. It is a threat with the potential to disrupt global business and push the world economy to recession. Though lockdowns are being lifted social distancing continues and is creating havoc with its negative impact on business. With health experts predicting the situation to continue for a long while, an existential crisis looms large on the horizon for the businesses. The situation requires innovative strategies and GIS and location intelligence could play a vital role here by ensuring business continuity and profitability post-2020.

Let’s dive more into how GIS business might emerge post-2020.

Accelerated demand for GIS services to support business growth

Location technology can help businesses in multiple ways during the current situation. From protecting the workforce to ensuring employee safety and stabilizing the supply chain, location intelligence is proving to be an essential tool in the business arsenal.

Employee safety – Many companies have given work-from-options to the employees. However, certain industries require the onsite presence of a workforce handling critical functions. They have to ensure the safety of employees and protect them from getting infected at the workplace. The highly contagious nature of COVID-19 mandates that companies implement stringent safety measures at the workplace and utilizes top-end technology like centralized communication or touchless service.

Location technology can help to track the employee’s activities both inside the office and in onsite locations. Companies can ensure that physical distancing is being followed. They can also use location intelligence to trace anybody who came in contact with an infected employee and alert them.

We can take steps to provide safe commutation to the employees by tracking the best and safest routes using GIS maps.

  • Stabilizing the supply chain – Location technology can help to stabilize the supply chain and overcome the immediate disruptions. Companies can identify high-risk areas and arrange for alternate supply sources in case of disruption. They can route optimal maps for transporting raw materials and finished goods. In case logistics disruptions happen when a route or its surroundings become categorized as a containment zone, GIS maps can help to identify safe and alternate routes for transportation.
  • Better communication – COVID-19 requires fast information flows across all departments and quick access to data for decision-making. GIS software can improve the business’s ability to communicate with the crisis handling team and the general public. It can help to disseminate useful and authoritative information to the stakeholders about the status of the crisis and how the business is coping with it. Team members can coordinate efficiently and identify areas of critical risks, shipment delays, and stock shortages.
  • Virtual workplace – Remote working and digital collaboration is becoming the norm. Location technology and GIS maps can ensure a seamless collaboration experience during crises. Field staff can identify the potential risk areas and plan work accordingly. They can receive location-sensitive communication and also remain connected with the office. Management can monitor their movements and advise them on safe zones to follow. Technologies like geo blockchain are reducing human contact across supply chains. GIS can help in this domain by allowing companies to track the origin and destination of goods and also by providing information about the location where the goods change hands.


The future will definitely be different. New business models that leverage GIS technology can help to minimize future disruptions and maintain continuity will be in demand. Location technology can help businesses move towards higher resilience during the crisis and beyond.

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