Waste collection is a fundamental city service. At present, most metropolitan waste collection tasks focus on emptying containers according to predefined schedules. But in most of the areas, the waste collection is inevitably inefficient, with half-full bins being emptied, poor utilization of city assets and unnecessary fleet fuel consumption.

From thickly populated urban areas to smaller rural communities, homes and communities depend on waste management systems to get free from undesirable clutter. To assure zero waste and to effectively improve waste collection services for residents, Municipalities are now moving to the trend of Smart-Waste.

The waste management industry is starting to create and execute IoT-related answers for these issues. From waste bins furnished with fill-sensors to information based management and logistics platforms, the industry is moving into a cleaner, more efficient part of present-day life. Urban areas around the globe are in a hurry to wind up smarter. Smart waste management solution is an idea where we can control bunches of issues which disturb the general public in pollution and diseases. The waste management must be done instantly; else it prompts irregular management which will have an adverse impact on nature. Waste management is perfect for the most part of smart cities. At the core of this change is IoT based smart waste management system that connects a scope of intelligent sensors and devices to monitor and automate city operations.

SBL Corp has thoughtfully outlined a highly interactive web and mobile software that deals with the waste management of your city. The Smart e–bin is a brilliant answer for collecting waste from waste bins set in different areas of the city and, to manage it appropriately from collection and transportation to disposal.
The e-bin maintains all relevant data such as bin type, its location, and area. All the bins have inbuilt sensors and GPRS enabled. So a Green color display shows the bin becomes empty as well as a Red color indicates the bin is full. The corresponding sensors send alerts to the server. A vehicle that collects waste from these bins has an android device handled by its driver. The updated data of each bin, location & shortest bin route will be assigned to the drivers at a regular interval of time.

This system is intended to simplify the whole procedure in waste management. Accordingly, it reduces the total operational cost, expands the efficiency of the waste management team and updates every now and then. Faster collection & processing of waste makes cities clean and eco-friendly. At the time of waste collection, if the driver isn’t responded within a particular time limit, the system finds next driver closest to bin location and send shortest route details. The smart e-bin is a smart move towards much cleaner urban areas.

The proposed idea of “Smart waste” mainly concentrates on monitoring the waste management using a smart technology which results in a healthy and waste-ridden environment.