A revolutionary trend, ERP has been adopted by companies over the years. With 62.9% of the global population using mobile devices, these devices have practically become omnipresent. The omnipresence of mobile devices provides consumers with instant services in real-time. In today’s modern world, mobile ERP software is a dominant force and it basically refers to offering services by an ERP software, via a mobile device like smartphones.

The factors that have made mobility in ERP important are:

  • Improvements in service leading to the enhanced interaction between customers and existing business applications
  • Better return on investment on the implementation of mobile applications
  • The expeditious growth of a mobile workforce

Mobile workforce equipped with mobile devices is a global trend. The concept of a conventional office where individuals work for 8 to 9 hours a day sitting at their respective desks is slowly, but steadily fading away to be replaced by a mobile workplace. So, companies aiming for success will have to create a strategy and find out ways to evolve, along with enterprise mobility solutions.

To adopt a mobile enterprise strategy, companies can consider the following 4-phase roadmap:

  • Traditional mobility, which refers to the availability of elementary-apps like, contacts, messaging, emails and so on
  • Real-time communication, as well as, collaboration facilities with the workforce
  • Function-specific apps that help in the promotion of brand image and also make internal functions, such as human resources and finance efficient
  • Critical applications like, CRM and ERP, which facilitates reduction of office visits and paperwork, leading to the improvement of productivity and achievement of higher sales.

When mobility is concerned, the upcoming trends in the ERP market are given below:

  • User-friendliness: User-friendly ERP solutions with a strong focus on intuitive and friendly user interface. The easy-to-use and attractive dashboard is influencing the workforce of today to adopt ERP systems.
  • Businesses are becoming mobile: Thanks to ERP mobility solutions, the complete front, and back office jobs are now available on smartphones and all other mobile devices. Now that mobility is something that most businesses are enjoying, the trend points towards the adoption of cloud technology. Cloud-based technology is being regarded as specifically useful to SMEs who will be able to reap good benefits from enterprise-wide ERP solutions.
  • IoT: Have you heard of the Internet of Things or IoT? IoT basically provides network connectivity with sensors or any physical device and allows the data to be changed without any human intervention. The adoption of IoT, along with ERP is bound to open new vistas of opportunity.

ERP system future seems to be extremely bright. Those days of manual processes and spreadsheets are gone. If you are running a business, it is time for you to upgrade your manual systems to ERP mobile systems, which will help you to decrease your operational costs and build a solid foundation of your business in your niche industry.

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