With its effortless ease of development and seamless user experience the Progressive Web App (PWA) is winning hearts world over. PWA promises the functionalities and delivers a superior performance than its popular siblings – Web and Mobile Apps. The importance of PWA lies in the cost effectiveness of the development of the app and its updates.  However, the user acceptance factor remains uncertain as most of the common apps are still traditional.

Businesses benefit significantly due to PWA’s ability to provide improved visitor engagement, customer retention and of course higher conversion rates. PWA decreases page load times, bounce rate and thereby tackles customer churn which organizations worry about constantly.

Users who pay for Internet based on data usage leverage the offline functionality to their benefit. PWA’s familiar look and feel of an app gets them started easily with simultaneous access to complete web functionalities. They are able access PWAs through URLs with search engine retrieval.

Developers stand to gain as they bypass the cumbersome process of Appstore submission process and not bother about device compatibility and screen sizes, as PWA is browser compatible and responsive. Availability to cache and push API aids developers to create web apps on home screen, receive push notifications and work offline.

SBL’s smartCONF is a comprehensive event and conference management progressive web application. With smartCONF users can manage tasks and activities related to the event, host event presentations to delegates and also search and find events related information.

With the power of modern web, PWAs will be the gamechanger in the new mobile environment and will be the answer to the next generation of users.