Technology has changed how business is conducted. The trend is here to stay and it is about to get stiffer than it ever was. As a result, the competition has begun to get more challenging than it ever was before. As a responsible custom software application development company, we have brought a robust, scalable and effective customer relationship management solution (SmartMerchant) to meet the challenges of the times with all the features that a business aspires to utilize.

What is SmartMerchant?
SmartMerchant is an all-inclusive customer relationship management platform capable of automating all elements of business transactions right from the beginning to its completion. It is designed to address all needs of the clients from multiple business quarters. The application has been created after analyzing the trends in the market, the concerns faced by various businesses and the objectives that business is trying to achieve. This ensures that the business can get rid of the ordinary, repetitive tasks. The time thus saved can be utilized to attend to better and more important business activities bring excellent value for the client’s business.

Why SmartMerchant fares better than other CRMs?

  • Integration with existing CRM solutions
  • Multi transactional capabilities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability to meet the changing needs
  • Drive efficiency from diverse resources
  • Ensures quality in transactions
  • Multi-channel data accumulation and dissemination

The unique attributes of SmartMerchant

Created by a creative custom software application development team, SmartMerchant is packed with a range of features that put many customer relationship management solutions to shame.

The following features make SmartMerchant one of the best and most sought-after customer relationship management solutions by clients from diverse business segments;

  • Customer Management Capability: SmartMerchant brings you the capability to manage customer and vendor data related to the particular vendor/customer transactions. The streamlined service will help the business manage all the customers and vendors in real time saving considerable time and efforts.
  • Integrated Analytics: As a comprehensive CRM system, SmartMerchant understands the importance of not only collecting data but also analyzing them so as to drive valuable insights to fuel business intelligence. It will help the business make decisions based the business intelligence to create better business strategies.
  • Campaign Management: In order to meet the changing requirements of the businesses, SmartMerchant enables the client to run, manage, deploy and measure various campaigns. The campaign management will also help the business create newer ones based on the insights from the previous ones and thus save a lot of man-hours and monetary resources.
  • Matchless DMS Capability: The quality of any business transaction is only as much as its ability to deal with a range of documents. As such, SmartMerchant has been integrated with a range of DMS features as document search capabilities, version control and meta-data management capability along with several document scanning tools.
  • Lead management: In a business that constantly deals with numerous requests and leads, it can all get convoluted faster. As you might expect, this can lead to situations where quality leads may be overlooked. However, with SmartMerchant, you can ward off such worries effectively and always make maximum advantage of the leads available. This can help the business improve their ROI certainly.
  • Manage business process: As SmartMerchant is an expansive technology-driven solution, it helps businesses create intelligent workflows as per the needs of the clients. Business processes need to me managed intelligently to drive maximum value for the business and SmartMerchant will help you do that. It can also support business in creating custom-made forms and templates for various business process reports.
  • In the grand scheme of managing and supporting huge customer data, chances for flaws are immense. It can surely affect the overall user-experience. This is where SmartMerchant, created by a team having unique experience in offering custom software development services, can support you.

    If you aspire to take your business to the next level and want to leave your competition gasping for breath while doing the catch-up, take advantage of SmartMerchant.

    As the name implies, it will make you business smarter, customer relationships smarter and business processes smarter to drive matchless business value at all times.