Jewellery retouching refers to the sophisticated and time-consuming editing of product photographs with the help of Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and other image editing software. Color correction, removal of scratches and spots, and making embedded stones look brighter are just some of the many tasks performed by jewellery retouching services providers.

Professionals in the field of modifying jewellery images ensure brilliant appearance, addition of reflections and shadows, and the removal of imperfections and dust to enhance picture quality. They can make any ring, earring set, necklace, bangle, bracelet, or other pieces of jewellery look more alluring for commercial and personal purposes. Read on to know how high-end jewellery editing can deliver eye-catching outcomes for your business as well.

Jewellery Photo Retouching: What to Expect?

Creative e-commerce studio service providers are equipped with benchmarked techniques and knowhow to handle different image editing requirements. They enable a flawless look for products with the following jewellery image editing services:

Background Removal
An unobtrusive, non-clashing background allows the focus to remain on the core feature of the jewellery image, which is the product. As the products may have different levels of complexity and varying backgrounds, they have to be treated individually and with care. Many a times, the background quality of jewellery photos clash with the core products and have to be altered to enhance their appeal.

Image background removal, a critical part of jewellery image retouching, is best accomplished by proficient graphic designers. They use different methods and tools, such as the magic wand, background eraser, lasso, quick selection tab, and magic eraser to modify image backgrounds effectively.

Photo Shadow Creation
Jewellery product photos often appear unappealing and listless in their original and raw form. The natural shadow of the pieces may be absent, or not prominently defined because of the shortage of light or lack of experience on the part of the photographer. Photo editors and experts in Adobe Photoshop can transform such images to make them appear more captivating and elegant than before. In line with product requirements, they can create drop shadows, reflection shadows, natural shadows, and other effects to modify the pictures for the better.

Color Correction
It’s common for jewellery images to have mismatching color output because of light effects, camera setting, or inappropriate product positioning, etc. The presence of inappropriate colors in product images can render them useless for commercial or other purposes. Professional jewellery image modifiers use various color correction tools and features of pen tablet, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop to adjust and rectify all color related drawbacks. For instance, they lay focus on proper image exposure and white balance to render the desired results.

Removal of Scratches and blemishes
Absence of scratches and blemishes is the most essential component of jewellery photo retouching. Experts in the field of image editing can remove all visible spots, dust marks, noise, and other unwanted elements that mar the appearance of original photos. Once the process of jewellery photo cleaning is complete, the same pictures give off a more elegant and resplendent look to make viewers go wow!

Hire High-End Jewelry Retouching Services
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